Throttling down the engine?

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Arrma RC's
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Is there any way to limit the power so that my son can drive it? He really wants to play with it, but breaks something every time he does
The Arrma transmitter has a throttle trim on it, the more you turn it down the slower the truck will go. This is exactly what I do with my son's Traxxas Stampede with a brushless system, otherwise he'd have that thing in a million pieces.
End point adjustment, I have my BLX ESC dialed down to 65% with the end point adjustment.
I thought the throttle trim only adjusted the forward or reverse?

The End point adjustment is a different adjustment altogether, the stock radio doesn't have that option.
I need to bring this back to life... Errr I was just playing with my throttle trim... is the car supposed to be off or on? And btw I had the car on and it started going ROGUE (scared me sooooo bad lol) so when I adjusted it with the car on I noticed the wheels started to spin full speed forward (I learned to hold up the end of the car so it doesn't go flying round the house) so I thought "oh I'll hit reverse" car is still wack! so I shut it off and retry it... adjusting when the car is off... when I start it up, it was fine, but once I shut off the transmitter ROGUE once again. had to shut off the car, please tell me if something is wrong or if I need to correct my noob ways.

You may want to just buy a new motor gear, or pinion (correct term) for about 3-5 bucks around 11,12, or 13 tooth

The rest of the measurements youll need its 48p and it goes on a 3mm shafts as opposed to 8scale motors that use 5mm shafts
The thing goes 26Ish with a stock 15tooth with 13tooth it'll go more like 20-21mph and an 11tooth pinion it'll go about 17 18mph topped out
I mean I am fine with the stock gearing... I just wanted it to start slower with less wheel spin but then my car went wack.. I also want to know why it would start spinning at full speed and whether to have the esc on or off?
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