Typhon Typhon 3s, how to get longer runtime?

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I Have a 20T pinion stock wheels full metal diffs and wtf fans, everything is great no overheating, BUT the 15-20min runtime, only thing i want to increase, thats also if i am light on the throttle keeping it 75%and below. i really find it annoying to switch out batteries during my walk though the park. My question is would a 4s setup with a slightly smaller pinion like 17T give me a longer run time? i would like to keep the 20T bc the speed is insane but it just dies so quick. any advise is appreciated!
will i still only be technically on 3s?? this tandem does it only combine Mah with the same 11.1v draw?
Yes running batteries in parallel just doubles the capacity but keeps the same voltage. When you run them in in series they double the voltage but capacity stays the same.
Assuming the batteries will fit, the weight will change the driving characteristics of the vehicle.
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