What 1900kv motors

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I picked up one of the Nero motors for my Kraton. Run very cool, loads of torque.

How do you compare the nero motor to the kraton's? More torque, rpms, both?

One thing I don't like about the nero motors are the way the bodies are bolted from the side, not the front.
Hard to say so far. The motor is the same KV as the Kraton V1 motor it replaced, and I am running the same pinion, so speed is very close. Acceleration was great before, and is great now. :) Biggest difference is motor temp, the Nero motor barely gets warm, the V1 red can ran 150f+ every run. This tells me the Nero motor is not work very hard to get the same performance - I could probably move up to a 16t or higher pinion (running 14t now).
Oh okay, good to know the posted specs are accurate. Wondered how close their numbers were to the advertised ones.

So the v1 motor is basically a light bulb. Huh. I hope the v2 black can is more than just a fancy paint job. Gonna have to run it and take some readings.
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