Will I need a new charger?

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Ok I'm new here, I bought the granite mega monster truck. I would like to upgrade the battery that came with it to the 8.4v 3000. The 7.2 2000 came with it. Will I need to buy a new charger as well? If so what can I get to avoid this? Also an suggestions on what battery? Thanks.
... In the USA are other brands popular than in Germany. I do use Multiplex, Schulze and LRP.
The LRP Pulsar is my cheapest one.
But first of all you have to consider which way to go. Lipo is my first choice. I use them in all of my cars and other RC if is possible.
Can you're ESC cover Lipo? I mean does it have Lipo-cut-off? If yes, you can run Lipo.
With an good charger you will have the option to charge different types of cell types.
For example, if the charger covers Lipo, NiMh, BP and so on, you can use the old battery till them broken and parallel using Lipo.
But take care, never charge with an wrong type-setting! It will kill the battery.
I think an 2S (7,4V) 4000mA will fit, If you're ESC is usable more than 11V, so you can use an 3S.
Same car, before 7,2V NiMh -> 7,4V Lipo will be change it´s hole character!
Thanks for replying, I Do have a second truck that runs lipo. That's the way it came, the granite is set up to run both, however there is something I would need to change. I don't want to take the chance of running a lipo on the wrong setting and vice versa, so I think I would be better off using nimh in the granite for now. Any suggestions on what a good nimh upgrade would of be mainly for longer run time? Also I want to be able to use the supplied charger if that's possible with a battery upgrade. Thanks.
No, do not make an NiMh upgrade. NiMh is heavy.
If you want to go forward use Lipo. Lipo is actual the most power in the smallest volume.
So you can use more capacity than NiMh and have more runtime and the Lipo can give you're ESC more power than an NiMh.

Maybe check for Multiplex charger which have BID.
The sense of BID is that the values of the battery is stored in a small chip which have to connected to the charger.
The charger knows now what kind of battery and how many amps to charge. Additional to that you can see the charging history of charge times and how many amps where charged. The BID chip needs to stay on its own battery.
For example: I have different sets of Lipo´s for the Nero. On each pack is one BID chip.
When I want to charge them, I have just to connect the cables (Main cables, Balancer and BID-chip).
After connecting them I just had to push the start button. Never think about to make an mistake.
Also it is an girl-proof solution! ;)
I have the Multiplex D7 but with BID there are also smaller ones.
Just an suggestion.
You´re wellcome! :)
I just try that other guys did not makes the mistakes which I done in the past...
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