Would Arrma Fireteam springs be the simplest way to get heavier springs for a Kraton EXB?

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80wt is roughly 1000cst. Did you put the M2C pistons on in the wrong direction? What is the car doing that you want less rebound? Im only asking because even on big jumps with 80wt and M2C pistons i have no rebound issues with it bouncing when I land. Yes you can thicken up the oil you can try 90wt.
Oh yea I use weight units in both forms. I've got a castle creations 1650 motor on it and the rear really sags. Pistons are in right way. Had a nice conversation with Mich very he.pfull other day. Its the heavier springs making it rebound realy fast. He just said to crank down on pre load. I also have Ali springs im randomly trying but given no rate not sure if they will work. Front end rebounds so slow i have to put in fire team or crank down on preload which is something i really don't want to do. But your info is helpful and i just mightgo stock oil weight again and see what will happenwithpre load. Ordered 100w also.
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