1. Uplift-RC

    Look who i caught creeping around the front of my door, the FedEx Guy with my new 36'' Proboat Twin

    Many thanks, Horzion Hoby for getting my boat out...
  2. Finessed

    Outcast She's finally here!!

    After almost a week of waiting it finally arrived at my door today! Super excited to take it out once the weather clears.
  3. B

    Mojave Need help! Racing, upgrades, mods.

    So me and a few others decided to get into racing and we are building a dirt track this spring. Some with experience many years ago and some of us never raced these cars but anyway I just ordered the mojave 6s and was looking for upgrade options I want the must have upgrades and then I want to...

    Big Rock Anyone have a lift kit for their Big Rock BLX?

    I’ve had my Big Rock BLX for a while now and have been wanting to put on a lift kit and better shocks and arms. Any ideas, recommendation, or particular products? I have one of the old blue ones, not the new black ones.
  5. Yas

    Arrma Notorious Motown glam!

    First go at painting a full body shell! I used CoreRC polycarbonate paints. Pretty happy with the results. Let me know what you think ?? Metallic silver backed with a true chrome Better move cat! Looking slammed Some imperfections but still learning for next time. Link to my...
  6. Billybob79

    Notorious New to Arrma, 6S Notorious - loud clicking noise when moving car without power, is that normal.

    Hey All Hope everyone is staying safe in these crazy times. New to Arrma (6s Notorious) and returnEd to RC hobby after years away. I previously had a traxxas slash brushed and I have noticed a big difference in the noise between cars if I move the Notorious across the floor. It makes a loud...
  7. Dukeofpeckham

    Kraton Best radio / transmitter system for Kraton 6s

    I’m new! Just bought my first proper RC since getting jealous of my sons FTX Outlaw. Seen a load of reviews saying that the transmitter (is that the right term?) isn’t that good that comes with the Kraton 6s as there’s delay. What would anyone recommend as the best one to get? Cheers in advance!
  8. My new ARRMA #3s Typhon #BLX

    My new ARRMA #3s Typhon #BLX

    Added the 3s Typhon to my ARRMA Collection! Stay connected with me here:
  9. IMG_2453.JPG


    God Bless America / 2018 ARRMA 1/8 BLX 6s KRATON scored a 2018 model!
  10. Big Rock

    Big Rock

    A while ago i bought myself the new Big Rock is one Hell of a Truck!!??
  11. Breakinshitagain

    New arrma are comin

    There are new arrmas coming soon 1/10 kraton blx 4s 1/10 outcast blx 4s 1/8 typhon blx 3s 1/10 4x4 Granite blx And a new 1/8 6s truck haven't seen any pictures tho
  12. L

    Typhon Beginner here. Need advice!

    Hey guys. Beginner here (Kinda...had a gas powered several years ago). Any tips, tricks must do upgrades? I have a typhon 6s blx. New to electric rc cars and I wanna get the most out of my car. I don’t want it so fast that I can’t control it but I would like to get more top end and acceleration...
  13. GrymReaper

    Kraton Just Bought a Kraton, Thoughts as I Wait for It?

    New to this awesome forum, a lot of information here, and due to much praise of the Kraton over a few other RCs I was debating, I pulled the plug and ordered a Kraton V3 and should be here in a few days. That being said, I did have a few questions as I prepare to take it out for the inaugural...
  14. Rcnerd

    Kraton New shoes on The Kraton Proline Badlands MX38

    Hi all- Just threw some Proline Badlands MX38's on the Kraton. I love how they look, but after ripping them outside in the snow tonight, I am worried they are too big for what I do. Bashing, Dirt/Grass racing, etc. They have a ton of surface area so it feels too sticky and more clumsy than...
  15. Joplaane

    Good battery choice?

    So, since I'll soon be buying the kraton, I was wondering what battery I should use. Is it better to get 2 3s's, or just single 6s batteries? And also, which brand of lipo? Same goes for 4s batteries, if I'll ever use those.
  16. DaNero

    New to Arrma

    Hi everyone, Just received this beast. New Nero BLX w/ Diff Brain along with recommend Onyx 3s 5400mah 50c batteries. Looking for suggestions, tips, tricks before first run. What should i look over before running, what parts need to stocked up on as far as common failures? Charger is in the...
  17. Unusual RC

    Fury BLX ESC brand new stops randomly

    We have a brand new Fury BLX on 2S. At the first test drive everything seemed okay. Until after a few minutes the car just stopped. The wheels still followed the steering movements from the transmitter, but no throttle. After 10 seconds or so the car just continued if it never happened. No...