servo mount

  1. Junior_terrier

    Notorious Servo / wheels don't turn

    Hi guys noob again I've changed the upper hinge pin, now my wheels barely turn and don't even "re-center" by themselves, yet when i use my hands wheels fully turn and nothing seems to be blocking like a forgotten screw or something. What have I done: Calibrated the rc/ server steering travel...
  2. Apollo-11

    Kraton Kraton 6s Servo and servo mount set ups

    Looking to upgrade my servo mount and servo in my kraton 6s. Any recommendations? Not looking to spend a paycheck on a servo just to bash with though😅
  3. Eshubert

    Kraton Bumper, Servo Mount, Servo Saver for Kraton 6s

    Hey Everybody, I just got a new Kraton 6S V4 and it's been about 20 years since I last bought a new truck. The last one I had was an RC10T3. From what I remember I always seemed to break the front end and steering so I'd like to get a new wide bumper, a strong servo mount, and servo saver...
  4. W

    Senton Help with Servo Aligment

    Hello! I bought a Arrma Senton 4x4 Mega last week and its been amazing but im having a problem with the steering trim I have to adjust it too much im trying to align it wit the trim on center and the car on but it doesn't align, this is everything stock and has less than 5 use, what can I do to...
  5. JHB

    Kraton Which servo mount?

    I'm putting an upgrade list together for my v3 Kraton 6S, and an Al servo mount is high on the list. I'm currently running the stock servo, and plan to do so until it eats itself up; at that point I'll probably go with the often-recommended Savox 1210SG. Do I need a "tall" servo mount for the...
  6. paulybatz

    Kraton Looking for an aluminum servo mount

    Looking for an aluminum servo mount for outcast / think it's the same for kraton. and other parts wheels/tires for kraton Bought a used project outcast too Tires / lugs.
  7. paulybatz

    Outcast Outcast Parts

    Definitely need a servo mount Anything else anyone has around??? Got a bunk kraton on eBay too, so any parts especially wheels /tires I also have a kraton.
  8. Mr.Duke

    Outcast Voltage Hobbies Servo Mount

    I have to take the time to give a shoutout to @Voltage Hobbies for an impeccable product. I've heard nothing but great things about the Voltage products so last Saturday I ordered an aluminum servo mount to see what all the fuss was about. It showed up last night and, Let me just tell you that...
  9. Rpmspeedyblue

    Kraton GKA mount

    Look what came in the mail today
  10. G-Man

    Outcast Servo Mounts for Outcast

    Well after a few runs I have noticed the flex in the plastic steering servo mounts others have talked about. I have looked through other threads on servos etc. I have chosen to replace the stock servo with a Savox SW 1210SG. That servo seems to have the most torque for it's size in a waterproof...
  11. thatyellowjeepguy

    Outcast Servo mount

    Finally picked up a voltage servo mount! Hopefully my servo won't go to shxt next. If it does. What's the best WATERPROOF servo to use?
  12. Hypnotoad

    Kraton Hot Racing Servo Mount question

    Has anyone ever used the Hot Racing Servo Mount for the Kraton? Never knew they made a servo mount, just stumbled on it today. Kind of looks like the Voltage Hobbies mount.
  13. WoodiE

    Voltage Hobbies Servo Mount and Steering Rack

    It's a well known fact that the Kraton, Talion, Typhon, Senton, and Outcast stock servo mounts have a lot of flex which not only shortens the life of your servo but strips it of it's power - regardless if you're running a stock servo or an upgraded one. Voltage Hobbies has solved this by...
  14. Crab

    Outcast Voltage hobbies servo mount

    here tha question. I installed a new servo mount. It seemed a little taller than factory. About the thickness off the shims that was in between the factory mount and servo. Just making sure that was a smart thing to do?¿? Seem to turn good with no binding or till this weekend when servo went...
  15. R

    Kraton Voltage hobbies servo mount

    Ordered up a voltage hobbies servo mount for my kraton and got it installed zero flex now. Ran 2 6s packs and i am noticing my front center dog bone is getting pretty ground down from the corner of the mount. Has anyone noticed or ran into this problem. Did i miss something when i installed it...
  16. Bopzta

    Outcast Outcast built to fly

    G'day fellas, a little bit about my build. Love launching the thing in the air, but I start to worry about its landing capabilities and weak points during touch down. Here's just afew things that I've done to help improve its performance. Custom made bits: aluminium servo mount, aluminium shock...
  17. Ole Fart51

    Kraton / Talion $8.00 servo mount

    Built this and mounted it it 20 minutes. Ace and Home Depot have everything you need. 4-3/4 inch aluminum spacers, 4 6/32 screws 1 1/2 inch long, 4 lock nuts and washers. Cut 1/2 off original post and drill completely through plate, put screws completely through with spacers and tighten up. Rock...
  18. WoodiE

    New company making aluminum upgrades

    Came across a new company that's making aluminum upgrades for Arrma RC's called Voltage Hobbies. Looks like they have an aluminum servo mount as well as a really heavy duty looking steering rack both for the Arrma Kraton, Talion, Typhon, and Senton RC's. Always good to see more upgrades and...