shock tower

  1. R

    Vorteks Shock Tower/Gearbox Brace Solution

    Hi everyone...first time ive posted a mod ive come up with here (and my first rc) so be gentle haha I have an arrma vorteks that ive broken 2 shock towers on, before and after upgrading to traxxas GTR shocks. I know the general sentiment is to "get good" and "drive better" so it is what it is...
  2. S

    Senton Shock Tower Braces

    Hi, I just made some tower braces after having broken the front one (don’t let the wife loose at 75% throttle). For the scientists - are these going to help strengthen this area?
  3. J

    Kraton Best Kraton 6s Shock Tower replacement

    Bent the stock ones, anyone have a recommendation? Ive seen the M2C ones just wondering if there are any other durable options
  4. Soilhalo77

    Kraton Kraton EXB bolt snapped in tower brace

    I just went out to local BMX track and landed badly on my wing Luckily I just installed the M2C racing tower supports but now I’ve sheered off the bolt to the wing mounting it to the tower so I’ve got half a bolt stuck in the tower and rear diff but separated at very back. Anyone else done...
  5. B

    typhon shock towers carbon fibre

    Hi Im looking at buying some carbon fibre shock towers for my typhon 6s. I don't want alum ones. Only running at parks etc no jumps. Has anyone else fitted some before thanks
  6. Basher_Indra

    Plastic shocktower for the outcast?

    Does anyone know where i can buy plastic shocktowers for my arrma outcast? I feel like i need more flex there because i already bent my shocktower and because of that my gearbox ripped apart. So if anyone know where i can buy a plastic shocktower please let me know!
  7. Rcnerd

    Kraton Voltage Hobbies aluminum rear shock tower

    Hey everyone- bent my stock rear shock tower, so replaced it with Voltage Hobbies 7075 CNC machined aluminum tower. Comes in a bunch of colors and seems like it will be a huge upgrade. I can't imagine this thing will bend, but time will tell. You can find the part here if interested...
  8. Jimmierebel718

    Typhon Carbon fiber shock towers

    Typhon nation I'm looking for car in fiber front and rear shock towers! Any help would be highly appreciated.
  9. Jerbear1018

    Kraton Shock tower rubbing on body

    hey guys, just wondering if anyone knows how to prevent my shock tower in the front of my kraton from rubbing on my body? It actually ended up putting two holes in the body damaging it. If anyone could help I'd appreciate it.
  10. Voltage Hobbies

    Voltage Hobbies Aluminum Front and Rear Shock Towers for ARRMA Typhon

    Voltage Hobbies is happy to introduce our new Front and Rear Shock Towers for the ARRMA Typhon. Our shock towers are made from 7075 CNC Machined Aluminum for Superior Strength and Durability. They are 6mm thick in the thicker sections and 5mm thick in the thinner sections of the towers. Designed...
  11. Brakemanbobsmith

    Kraton Tower to Tower Braces

    Ok I'm wanting opinions on a Tower to Tower Brace! Good idea ??? Bad Idea ??? Just made a pair out of 1/4 inch round aluminum rods, drilled and tapped the ends to 6-32 machine screws and plan on drilling out the unused shock mounting holes on each front tower and drilling holes in both rear...
  12. tobyjoe

    Outcast Bending Shock Towers

    I am pretty rough on my Outcast and while working on some new tricks like backslides, I slightly bent the rear shock tower (and tore off 3 body posts... heh) While I have a spare on the way, I'm wondering if it's ever worth trying to straighten aluminum by hand or not. Opine?
  13. taupe

    Raider Stronger Shock Tower DIY

    My son broke his shock tower for about the third time a few weeks ago and I though I'd share the more permanent fix I came up with. he has broken the shock tower twice since installing the aluminum shock tower brace which is no longer available. The last time the brace broke as well. We...
  14. rbattey

    Typhon LED lights & Shock Tower Guard

    Just finished adding front & rear lights to my Typhon - and rigged up a Front Shock Tower Guard as well.
  15. Cranius Maximus

    Home Made Shock Tower Brace

    Being cheap provides opportunities to make things for your toys. Seeing what Arrma was selling as a shock tower brace got my mind saying "Really???? A crappy little curved bar with two mount holes? I can make one." I said that I would do a step by step for it when I did it too. Full disclosure...