Vorteks Shock Tower/Gearbox Brace Solution

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Hi everyone...first time ive posted a mod ive come up with here (and my first rc) so be gentle haha

I have an arrma vorteks that ive broken 2 shock towers on, before and after upgrading to traxxas GTR shocks.

I know the general sentiment is to "get good" and "drive better" so it is what it is.

Anyway, i was looking at braces online, primarily Integy as they seemed to be the only option for the vorteks....

However, from my last parts-breaker purchase for the front shock tower, they came with replacement red anodized pin-retainers for the bumpers (not sure what you'd call them).

I decided to do a test fit, and sure enough, the screw gaps will line up for either of the anodized pieces.

I do have plans to use a matching set (either front front or rear rear as they are slightly different), and to potentially snap off the top ends, file down, and use spacers/washers to even out the gap between the top shock tower screw hole and the anodized piece, but for now this is seriously holding very well.

Also, keep in mind this shocks tower was also previously repaired with 5 minute epoxy on the one side as well, and it's still holding up to bashing around.

May not be super pretty, but it seems to be the cheapest, easiest mod ive found for doing so, and the body also clears the top of the post as shown.

*For anyone wondering, the front bumper set up is a senton bumper/skid plate, etsy senton bumper mount for shock absorption, polo creations senton led light bar


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