1. WoodiE

    Mega 4x4 How-To videos

    Arrma-RC has several great videos on how to maintain your Arrma MEGA 4x4 RC and I wanted to share them here in one easy to find place. If you find any others related to the MEGA 4x4 RC's please post them here as well. Removing Electronics Module Removing Power Module Remove the Diffs...
  2. CT Yankee

    Raider First run of my new Raider XL BLX

    I braved the cold temps to finally get a first run in of my Raider XL BLX that I got for Christmas. Missed the first half of the run because the camera didn't start, and I didn't realize it until I re-aimed it.
  3. ddavis5010

    Kraton Hit a parked car!

    This was when I had it for about 2 weeks. Ripping it around then ran right into my neighbors parked car. Crazy and as bad as it looked, I really didn’t do that much damage. This is what sold me on the Arrma brand!
  4. Rcnerd

    Talion 2018 Talion & Kraton

    Hi all first attempt at some footage of our kraton and talion bashing together. Footage is taken by drone. Would love to see what videos you have or have found on Talion vs Kraton.
  5. Rcnerd

    Talion 2018 Kraton vs Talion video

    Hi all- first attempt at a video taken by drone of my 2018 Kraton and my brother in laws Talion bashing in our backyard. Thanks for watching and would love to see your best videos or just cool videos you have found of the Kraton & Talion together.
  6. Rcnerd

    Best Arrma YouTube videos!

    Hi guys- I currently own an 2018 Arrma Kraton and my buddies all Just bought Kraton's and Talions. Just started a YouTube channel and posted my first video which can be found here: Would love to see your bashing videos so post here!
  7. stewdogg

    Kraton Stewdogg's Kraton bashing

    I'm going to keep an ongoing log of my Kraton bashing in this post. This is my last video tormenting my Kraton. It's a new to me spot and really put the Kraton to the test. I took the Senton here as well and will have that video up soonish.:) I have my setup listed in the comments section.
  8. Sparkyd31

    Pumkin Jump !!!!

    Check out this video!
  9. rag6

    Kraton Future Kraton Owner

    Hi all. Short story...been in off road for many years. Have had abut 25 rc builds in my life. 3 guys I bash with at our backyard track and bash park have each picked up a kraton. I've driven all 3 and have to get one. I will pick one up in about a month as pay comes once a month. I will make...
  10. R

    Outcast Arrma Outcast vs American Pitbulls, FUN!!!

  11. R

    The difference between upgrading and rebuilding

    I made a video for the rc community about the difference between rebuilding and upgrading Enjoy
  12. slpcrf450x

    Choice of video camera?

    I started looking to buy a camera to take some video of RCs dirt bike rides, etc. Obviously the GoPro is a good option but there are many others out there that claim to be similar quality at a much lower price. What does everyone here use for videos, and how do you like it?
  13. Fahd

    Outcast Can't get enough of jumping this truck!

    Once I get a few more batteries, some skids and Tekno springs, I'll be headed away from home to some huge pits in the area. I wanna to go further and higher. In the meantime...I have this in my front yard. Outcast fun! by Fahd posted A moment ago
  14. RCklir

    Kraton Installing RPM skid and bumper

  15. C

    Best bash places

    I'm lucky I have a subdivision or houses being built. This is only one of the lots left and it's golden. Anyone else have a perfect place to tear it up other then your local track?
  16. sps468

    Kraton Big Air Kraton

  17. T

    Kraton Kraton on the new Ramp

    Made a ramp. The Kraton likes it. trout
  18. Tanddy

    Outcast My first double back flip. . . Video.

    I managed my first ever double back flip today. Today was the first time I have ever tried one but I knew the Outcast could do it. My friends Talion managed one as well, just. The outcast is running Tekno orange springs, 14t pinion, turnigy 6s 4000mah pack and the punch set to 5.