1. Uplift-RC

    Kraton #ARRMARC #KRATON'S #Bashing & #Blasting Part 3 Video

    #Bashing and #Blasting Part 3 is now available 🤜 💪 🤛 !! I filmed this little session with some friends off the #ARRMA #Fourm in the Clearwater / Tampa / St Petersburg Area! I just wanted to say thanks to #jk_stuff & IRONMAN for helping make this video. I wanted to give a shout out to...
  2. #ARRMARC #KRATON'S #Bashing & #Blasting w/ friends!

    #ARRMARC #KRATON'S #Bashing & #Blasting w/ friends!

    #Bashing and #Blasting Part 3 is now available 🤜 💪 🤛 !! Got to meet up with some new friends off the #ARRMA #Fourm in the Clearwater Area with jkflow , -IronMan- and myself and we made this killer video!
  3. #ARRMA #Notorious #Stunt #Truck on 6s Bashing in Downtown Clearwater, FL

    #ARRMA #Notorious #Stunt #Truck on 6s Bashing in Downtown Clearwater, FL

    #HorizonHobby #FLBASHING #ARRMA #Notorious Downtown Clearwater, FL
  4. BogdanPNW

    Kraton Good Shock Upgrade for Kraton 4x4 4s with RPM arms?

    As title says, Whats a good shock upgrade for Kraton 4x4 4s with RPM arms? My shocks and A-Arms on the kraton has broken multiple times and i have replaced the shocks and arm suspensions with stock ones. This time ill be getting the arms from RPM and people mentioned to get the typhoon 6s shocks...
  5. RC Infraction Quick Speed Run

    RC Infraction Quick Speed Run

    Just playing around and setting off the lights on a speed trap sign!
  6. Rustyparty

    Kraton Kraton First Video

    Hi Kraton fans, here si my First ever video of the Kraton running at home. Hope you enjoy!
  7. legallyrc

    Arrma Founder Interview

    Thought others might find this interesting. Interview with ARRMA founder Jason Dearden - Part 1 Interview with ARRMA founder Jason Dearden - Part 2 Interview with ARRMA founder Jason Dearden - Part 3
  8. Brewcity414

    Choose the correct LiPo battery

    Helpful info?
  9. Bigdog3890

    Arma granite 4x4 video

    Here’s a link to my YouTube channel and me bashing with my arma granite 4x4
  10. phildogg

    Kraton 116mph Arrma Kraton!

    Fastest pass on my newest speed project..
  11. Nitr0EngiEx

    Kraton VIDEO: Racing the Kraton on the Track

    Hey guys, I am working on a new Youtube Channel and made a video about racing the Kraton at Lake Park, Force Series by Jconcepts and DDHRC Please check it out if you interested in racing the Kraton, also any likes, and subscribers will help my channel grow. Thanks!
  12. High Life MT

    Outcast New Outcast First Dirt.....and water

    I was fortunate enough to get my hands on the new version of the Outcast. Not sure if it's v2 or v3 (I've heard the newest version called both) but this truck is so great. Here's a video from today at my local BMX jumps.
  13. WoodiE

    Senton Senton 4x4 head-to-head in 4k

    Check out this new video from Arrma featuring the Arrma Mega 4x4 Senton going head to head and shot in 4k!
  14. fishycomics

    Talion Arrma Tailon V3 Rise Head Wheelie Bar Modification How I did

    As I had a wheelie bar from my Bison and cheetah, i do not use the vkar that much, here is my Mod. and down below will be some info on what I used and how I did it. You may find the part I used online. here online here is a photo of it photo host I used angle Iron I had laying around as...
  15. 10pas2


    Well Guys... Just see the video....and you will see...what a piece of poop this two pieces are....HR and GPM. What a piece of poop this two brands did....So much slake between diff cup and the input shaft cup... in really unacceptable... Even start to leak diff oil... This has to go...
  16. olds97_lss

    Latest bashing 03/19/2018, savage flux, arrma talion, traxxas stampede, ejato and others.

    Got out this weekend, most of Sunday. Met up with a new bashing buddy who runs a Talion and he had some friends drive in from an hour away. Had a good time smashing up our rigs. They were only able to stay an hour or so, but I saw more RC's run at any one time in person the an I have in the past...
  17. phildogg

    Kraton Kraton bash and mishaps

    Had the kraton out for a few hitting the ramps.
  18. digitaldude80

    Outcast Arrma Outcast Video

    A short video featuring the Arrma Outcast. Enjoy watching!!