Vorteks 4s Vorteks Thing. First run shake down šŸ˜…


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I finally finished it!! A combination of 4s V1 and V2 parts based on a swb chassis, with granite shock towers and 6s shocks. I also got a radio link set up, my first decent radio and I love it. Except my thumb canā€™t reach to drive one handed, so video taping a few bits wasā€¦interesting, to say the least šŸ¤£


Looks awesome!! Glad you were ok. My kids do that to me but they drive brushed 1/10th so don't leave a mark.
Thanks man. It left a mark, tire burn on my neck and busted inside lower lip. But thatā€™s nothing compared to what I normally do to myself. My wife and kid both cracked up. Since I didnā€™t have to go to the hospital this time they found it funny I guess. I just need to find the phone mount for my radio. That way I can actually steer next time.
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