Another Arrma motor bites the dust

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I bought my 2nd fury this past June. This time a BLS. The previous Fury was a Mega. I have less than 6 battery packs through this truck and the motor is done. It sputters, stutters, and shimmies but doesn't actually go (much). I tried it in my sons Losi XXX-SCT with the same result so it's not an ESC or transmission issue. I ran the Fury on a professionally maintained clay track for 4 battery packs. 1 pack was at the local school play ground which is covered in pea stones. The last pack when the motor died was an empty parking lot.

The Mega 15T motor died in 3 battery packs. 2 in our close-cut grass yard and 1 at the play ground.

The warranty covered the first motor and I'm sure they'll cover this one. I'm not super impressed with how quickly these SCTs are toasting their motors. I ran the Mega on a Tamiya Dirt Tuned (25T) brushed motor for months under the same conditions with no issues at all. I've since upgraded to a Castle Sidewinder SCT combo with 3850 Kv brushless for over a year and it's been totally fine (except for the failed power switch which I understand is a common issue with Castle). So it's not how I'm running the truck. It's the stock setup from Arrma that's weak. :oops:
I think the Arrma Megas and BLS's are built with price in mind, which is the trade-off for durability/quality.
I got a used BLS Vorteks and quickly bored with the wimpy 35A ESC set-up.
Upgraded to an 80A ESC/4500kv motor, and having much more fun.
Guys at the LHS, when my 15T toasted gave me the lecture on cleaning the motor. That electrical contact cleaner is nasty stuff, reminds me of factory days when we had highly volatile chemicals, which are also carcinogenic. I'd rather go brushless than ever deal with that krud again.
I'm waiting to hear back from Arrma warranty support on my ticket. Be that as it may, I have ordered a Speed Passion Competition Version 3.0s Sensorless motor - 3500 Kv (Max Amp: 24). It should be here by the weekend, Monday at the latest. Once I get it I'll report on how it works out in the BLS. The stock motor is a 4000 Kv jobber. I have the Castle Sidewinder SCT combo in my Fury Mega. That combo came with a 3850 Kv motor. It'll be interesting to see how the two match up. ;)
So, you are connecting this to the BLS ESC?
I have never noticed a motor with a "Max Amps" value before, do you have to put something on your system to regulate the current flow?
BTW, for a basher like me, I like the lower kv motors, since they are better from getting out of the hole and I'm rarely pushing the top end of the trigger.
I will be using the motor with the stock BLS ESC. There should be no issues with this plan. The ESC should have plenty of oomph to drive the new Speed Passion motor. The motor just arrived a few days ago. I need to buy some 3.5mm male bullet connectors. I only have 4mm which are too big.
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