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I've made a bunch of repairs/upgrades (turnbuckles, servo, steering blocks, front driveshafts, shocks, suspension arms, etc). I've got everything together and all seems to be working fine except that it's not reaching anywhere near top speed. The wheels seem to be spinning out without getting traction and the wheels aren't that old (lots of tread still on the tire). Any suggestions on how to fix this?
What do you mean the wheels are spinning out, like burn out?

To get the speed you need the high speed pinion, a good surface and ease into the throttle a bit then let it open up for a while. You will need some space.

This should help
What I mean is that before I made the upgrades/repairs, the car would fly w/ no issues and with me using the remote the same as I'm using it now. It seems like the wheels are spinning way faster than they were before. The only other thing I noticed is that the front of the car is now sitting higher than the back (it was level before). I confirmed the right shocks were installed on the right end of the chassis but could that height difference be shifting too much weight to the rear?
Rear bias can make the car wheelie a bit more and get more air under the chassis. It can also unload the front wheels, and they can spin more. Are the front wheels spinning more, the rear or both?

What are the shock upgrades? - Did you add/change the oil or preload?
Do you have pictures?
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