Arrma senton RPM A Arms breaking!


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My son keeps breaking the RPM A-arms on the senton 3s blx. Would aluminum upgrade be good? Or would that cause other things to break?
All aluminum a arms will do is break the chassis where they mount to it. The RPM a arms for this platform are worse than the stock ones imho. Stick with the stock arms and just keep some on stock.
First old is your son?
Yeah, it seems those RPM's always break in the same place. Don't go aluminum, causes more problems. I just stay stocked up with the stock ones from Jennys. Some guys boil em, soak with WD40. Haven't tried that yet tho.
Yes same spot always! Regardless front or back! I may stock up myself on rpm and always mail a handful in to get the warranty replacements
First old is your son?
Thank you
Stick with stock arms.

You can get them cheap at

Buy a few sets ,if your son is a Hardcore Basher ;)
Will do thanks!
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