Bad servo!!!

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Wow, it happened so fast!!. After two weeks of using it, the servo died. Another thing that I found was a broken pin from the left rear wheel. That´s why I have a hard time trying to drive it well!!.
The pin was no problem, but the servo was no fun. Fortunately I have another one from my on road car that I will build in the next weeks. Got to solder the cable, it was too short for the Granite, and now my truck it´s running again. I have to be careful because it´s not waterproof.
I have filled the form for a warranty claim, on Arrma page. Hope they can give me a new servo. An upgrade it´s a must, I was looking at Traxxas 2075 servo, It seems that it´s ok for the Granite.

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Call Arrma for warranty service on the servo. (Email, Facebook and other methods don't get the same response) They will replace it for you and depending on which model you have may even upgrade it as well. My son had his ADS-5 plastic geared servo fail in his Fury BLS and they sent him an ADS-7M metal geared servo as a replacement. It's been working great since then.
I just had my second servo go out. They sent me the ADS 5 again, hopefully I can get them to upgrade to the seven.
I asked for it, but they told me: warranty applies for the same item, no upgrade is possible,
Hobby services just contacted me and said the servo upgrade was no problem and that its on its way.
Nah, what they say and what they do sometimes differ...they might still send you the 7m. Mine busted and I was under impression they're just replacing the 5, but ended up with a 7m.

Arrma should've just not bothered with the plastic ones to begin with...would've probably saved them money in the long run, lol. :p
I was sent some other brand servo from arrma. It was a tatic 10th scale hi torque metal gear servo. don't know why. Didnt really care, just happy to get a replacment
The servo is on it´s way. Have to wait and see what they sent me.
Nice! Told you chances are you'll get the 7m. It's been a year now and mine's been holding up well...and I've given it a pounding, so you should be ok (touch wood).
Glad to hear you received a new servo and an upgrade to the 7M without issue. Hope you enjoy it!
Arrma sent me AD5, I wont use it. I´m happy with a 12 dollar turnigy metal gear servo. The only thing I have to worry about is that it´s not water proof. I´ll wait until it dies, then I´ll replace it with S3305. What you think?.
If I where you I'd use it until it broke again then demand an ads7. Then use your turnigy
@Rooles I followed your suggestion and after some runs the ADS-5 failed. It was the second servo that Hobbico has send me and the story ended up as many of us could imagine.

Don´t know if I should ask for a replacement or leave it just there. My 2 year warranty ends by august.
What would you do?. BTW I have a bad ESC under warranty. Hobbico asked me to sent the item back. I live outside US and don´t know how long it will take to have it back . In the meantime I´m using an RC Gear Shop "not popular" combo. :D
[DOUBLEPOST=1461798538][/DOUBLEPOST]Just an update. I called Hobbico, claim the warranty and they are sending an ADS-7. Thanks @Rooles!!
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