BLX185 ESC replacement fan?

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I am afraid my ESC fan is going to die soon. I have submerged my typhon many times and in my latest run under 37 degree celsius for 2 continous 3s batteries, I am surprised that the fan already stopped turning when I opened the body to power off the car. But I then switched off and on, the fan is turning again.

Is there any replacement fan for the esc?
Well the obove fan was the wrong one......too small but I'll fasten it in for now.

The Arrma one measures 35mm across with a fan diameter of 30mm.
Well I emailed several companies to try and find the correct fan. I got a reply back from Arrma and Wheelspin models!

''The Hobbywing HW600001 fan is suitable for use with the Arrma BLX185 ESC, and can be obtained from your local dealer.''

Does the stock fan suck "cold" air onto the ESC or blow "hot" air away from the ESC?

I purchased RS Components 798-0754 but have not tried installing it yet. Plan to install and run it this weekend assuming I can work out which way the air should flow. My original BLX185 fan has died so not sure which way to install fan.
The fan blows air onto the heatsink, similar to how a cpu cooler works in a pc. With those DC fans like that, the air always moves towards the back of the fan. So make sure to install it front side up, I don't think you could even mount it in there the other way as the fan blades would hit the heat sink.
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