Breaking Kraton rims


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So I broke one of my rear rims on Saturday while jumping my Kraton. It didn't surprise me much as I landed it at a 45 degree angle directly on the left rear tire from about 10 feet up. I regued the original tire into a proline desperado rim that I had and moved on.
So this evening I'm out jumping at the same spot (I didn't learn the first time) and this time I landed all my jumps correctly and while I was driving back to line up for the next round, my other back rim rolls away from the truck... Oh well I still have one more rim for that tire.

Is this a common issue with this truck? I haven't seemed to read much on the Kraton with cracking rims. Either way I'll probably be ordering myself a couple sets of proline badlands in the next couple weeks.
Enjoy the pic of the rim... Everyone likes carnage pics


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If the rims are anything like the ones on my raider then they are more then likely a type of composite brittle plastic.