Senton Does anyone else own a Senton?

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I just recently bought an Arrma Senton and found these forums via the Arrma FB group, and I'm rather surprised to find that there aren't any posts about this truck. Would it be safe to say that at this point, most of the upgrades/mods that would apply to this truck are found in the Kraton/Talion/Typhon forums?

I guess the only thing I would share with anyone considering this truck is that it uses standard 1/10 2.2"/3.3" SC tires mounted to 1/10 SC wheels, but the wheels have 17mm hubs rather than the standard 12mm hubs. This does limit the wheel choices somewhat if you want to stick with the SCT wheel look, but you can always opt for the 1/8" buggy wheels, too.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to learning more about this truck. I haven't had a chance to run it yet, thanks to either bad weather or full schedule, but I hope to soon.
I would guess that the 1/8 scale vehicles (which share most parts with the Senton) from Arrma are the big sellers.
But WoodiE tells me differently.

I find the 1/10 scale 4-6S option and 4wd quite interesting.
However for pure bashing a 1/8 scale is a bit better.
And for racing 2S is the limit for 1/10 scale it is a niche product.

Nevertheless I find it a very cool truck!
My only use for it will be bashing, but I didn't want to get something as big as the Kraton or Talion. I have an old E-Maxx, and that's humongous enough for me. I've been wanting to pick up a SCT and had been looking at the Slash, but I did like the 1/8 goodness packed into a 1/10 bundle. My thought was that the bigger motor wouldn't have to work as hard as a 1/10th system even if the truck is a bit heavier thanks to the aluminum chassis and larger scale bits. Plus getting it for the same price as the Slash 4x4 Platinum didn't hurt either.
I just bought one yesterday and am awaiting delivery. I'm pretty excited about the truck but am curious what types of battery sizes are folks using on the senton? Right now I have two 2S 5000mAh pack I was using on my currently broken SC10. I'm hoping those two will be enough to get the senton up and running.

Any good battery size or brand recommendations for this truck? This surely be my next item to pick up.
I think the main thing about batteries and these 6S BLX trucks is their C-rating. I believe the consensus is that you should use LiPos with at least a 60C rating at 5000Ah. That translates to a discharge amperage of 300A. While the BLX180's continuous amp rating is 180A, it will peak above that, and having a battery with a high C-rating will keep the ESC from becoming energy-starved. If the strain on the ESC gets too great, it will heat up and eventually the smoke will get out.

I bought four 70C 2S 5000Ah battery packs from SMC-Racing. With shipping, it came out to be just under $48/pack.
Yup, you're right. I opted for the 2S batts, because it gives me more flexibility to put them in my other trucks like my E-Maxx when I finally get around to completing its brushless conversion.
So I just got the Senton today and had a moment to fire it up before I head to work. Nice hardware and you can tell this thing is an absoltue beast on the grass and dirt! I am pretty happy with how well the two 2S pack are powering the truck. The Senton is a night and day difference from my SC10, a ton of control for such a hefty 1:10th scale and it's crazy fast!

I did have a question you might help me with though. When I first pulled the truck out of the box and set it on the ground I gave it a little push just to hear the sound of the gears to I have to say it really rolls pretty roughly, not grinding sounds but definitely not a quiet gear meshing sound. Is this just a noisier RC with the 3 diffs or do I actually need to adjust this meshing myself?

I'm pretty psyched to go test it out, tomorrow morning it's on! :D
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Any time I've moved any of my 4x4 RCs with all four wheels on the ground, it's been pretty rough seeing as the drivetrain is working opposite the way it's intended. The efficiencies of the transmission are designed for the wheels to be driven by the motor, not the other way around, so you ultimately have to fight the magnetic forces within the motor to get the spindle to turn, and it's a 1/8 scale sized motor.

I think a better way to determine if the gears are meshing well in the diffs is to flip it over and just turn the left wheels individually, which will allow the front/rear diffs to spin the right wheels in the opposite direction. Then you can test the center diff by turning both front wheels in the same direction at the same time, which should make both of the rear wheels turn. Or you can turn both rear wheels, which should make both front wheels turn. The gear action should be smooth as you've removed the motor turning from the system. If you turn all four wheels at once, it forces the center diff to spin the transmission, and thus the motor, which is probably the roughness you're feeling.

I don't think the gear whine from my Senton is any worse than that of my E-Maxx, which also has gear diffs and runs 32p spur and pinion gears. The only meshing you can adjust easily is the motor pinion to spur gear mesh. I think I remember reading that the Kraton guys recommend adding a shim behind the pinions in the front and rear diffs to remove some slop.
Thanks for the reply. This is the first 4x4 RC I've owned so I wasn't really sure of the sounds to expect up close and personal. I tried doing what you were saying isolating the different diffs and they all spin relatively smoothly and much quieter. As you said, the only time it's noisy is when I'm rolling all 4 at the same time. There's a lot of resistance in the drive-train when you push it like that it seems. Regardless the Senton checks out and appears ready for a full-on bashfest!
My boys arrma senton was delivered yesterday with a venom 4S 30c and some extra parts. We will have to wait until Christmas morning (bummer).
I haven't found many upgrade parts as of now. Probably would have preferred the talion but at $279 -$70 cupon for a $399 order I couldn't pass the senton up. I also did not know about the SMC batteries until I found this site.
yeah, I believe the 30C would be sufficient in a pinch but typically you'd want higher near 50C - 60C from what I've read as recommended.

I ran off two 2S 25C packs when I first picked up the truck and it worked without any noticeable issues.
I run with 2 50c 5000mah SPC hardpacks. I have never had a problem with them in the Senton or Kraton. I am anxious to try my 6s pack in the Senton!!
I've been running an E-flite 4400mah 30C 6S lipo in mine and it seems to be doing decent. The voltage sags low enough after 10 minutes so the lvc kicks in, but it was the best battery I could get locally to run this beast. I'll wait till the new year to order another better pack as shipping is VERY expensive to Canada even through hobbyking, SPC, SMC and all the other brands I've tried.
long story but i wound up with the SENTON and my son got the TALION from win i have done more damage to the senton doing crazy jumps...and he can drive way better than me...but we are having a blast together.
I've been running an E-flite 4400mah 30C 6S lipo in mine and it seems to be doing decent. The voltage sags low enough after 10 minutes so the lvc kicks in, but it was the best battery I could get locally to run this beast. I'll wait till the new year to order another better pack as shipping is VERY expensive to Canada even through hobbyking, SPC, SMC and all the other brands I've tried.
Hey travis! I completely know what you means! I live in montreal...with the exchange rate and the shipping...theres no big deal there....BUT... for the battery i have a solution for u! There is a chinese site called aliexpress where ive been ordering all my lipos for me ,my son slash,and one of my buds....for the last 2 good...way better than onyx and comparable to same c as smc pack, for example you can get a 6000 mah 60c 2s for 31$ US!!! And the best is shipping is free! And no duties to pay and no taxes!! The only downside is the shipping usually takes like a month...but at this price and quality...the brand is HRB lipo battery. Ive just received two 3s !! Cant wait to try that with the 16 tooth pinion!
the senton is pure awesome I bash this thing daily with no issues to report after running about 20 packs through it. all I busted was the bumper due to a lawn dart jump I hit but still drove it:) you can look on tower hobbies for a brand called DE racing they make 2.2/3.0 rims for sct with the 17mm I am currently running those rims with some sct trenchers very durable. on 4s with a 19t pinion which is what ive been running none stop ( with the hobbywing quicrun 150a esc) I got no heat issues and she's a beast on the track. a straight head turner. now is there a racing class for this truck no I just go to the track to have fun but it handles like its on rails. I id put 100k in my center diff and 30k front with 10k rear. also got some 1/8th scale losi buggy springs grey up front with red in the rear seems to be a good medium for on road and off road IMO. shock oil I mixed half stock with half 80wt I had laying around. ive hit countless jumps with this thing in 0 below weather and have not had any issues eith anything but the front bumper.
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