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Hello Everyone, Hope this message finds you all well and good :) For Xmas I purchased this (Arrma Mega Raider Desert Buggy) for my son! Now what brings me here Im having a hard time finding all the aluminum upgrades in Australia I'm sure they are called Red Racing? Another thing there seems to be 3 different versions of the Raider? Id really appreciate some help on sourcing all the aluminum parts.
thank you all so much :)
Not sure if Tower Hobbies ships to Australia or not, but they sell the Arrma brand aluminum stuff, plus they sell all the STRC parts as well.
Have you broken anything yet?..assuming you are running a basic brushed system in the Mega and if you choose to upgrade to a brushless system in the future I suggest putting your money into the gearbox and upgrading to steel gears. Shocks such as the Trackstar aluminium bodied from Hobbyking are good and reasonably priced...That would be my next upgrade....Also RPM arms are a good upgrade and the STRC aluminium parts work well...such as the chassis rails and hub carriers....Hope this is of some assistance... Cheers
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