Granite BLX and Mega.... Motor issues (I Think)

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I'm sure you guys know me by now..... I have a brushed and brushless granit well I've been bashing them hard since this past Thursday. I'm sure it's the motor on the mega (brushed) but trying to get warranty. Unfortunately the BLX is not in warranty I don't think. The esc turns on the servo turn but I never get another beep from the esc and I also have no throttle but I have steering. Thanx for all the prior help and thanx in advance for help here also!
@LunchBox this could be the motor but I've also seen this to be an ESC issue many times.
Yeh I'm pretty sure that's it the motor for the mega..... and the esc for my blx..... the esc connects on the mega and not on the blx..... and when I turn the blx on the back tires kinda jerk like the get brief surge of power but the esc never does anything else
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