Granite Mega.. seeking potential upgrades

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Still loving our Granite, but continue to break the same parts over and again. ARRMA continues to replace, but wondering if anyone knows of any possible upgrades for what seems to be our weak points. Whether Granite specific or parts meant for another RC that are compatible. Parts we've had issues with:
  • Front suspension (part #AR330225)
  • Piece linking wheel to upper/lower suspension arms (part #AR340001)
  • Shocks themselves... caps gave blown off a couple times. I've seen mention of aftermarket shocks that may fit.. but having trouble finding that post again so thought I would mention.

I'm sure ARRMA will continue to replace, but if there are upgrades available I'm happy to purchase. Any help is appreciated.


Thank you. The Big Bore shocks were exactly what I was looking for.. but couldn't remember the name from when I'd seen a post about them a couple weeks ago. Now have a set on the way! Daughter will be excited when I tell her in the morning. Still looking to do lots more upgrading, but this is a good start... so thanks again.


You must be doing some major bashing to brake the A-arms, all you can do is buy more A-Arms. As for the C-Hubs there is someone on the forum that converted to aluminum using Traxxas parts. I'll see if I can find the post again.
Having a problem with shock caps coming off myself. Trying to find aluminum shocks to replace. I did however replace motor and ESC with a Castle Sidewinder 3 with the programming card. Runs fast and haven't changed the gearing at all. About to switch to lipo. That will make a big difference.
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