1. kilodi

    Mojave Mojave Customisation

    Looking for sources on: What customisation are available? How to perform them? I am looking for a bigger receiver box so I can fit Flysky FS-FGR4 Receiver for Flysky Noble FS-NB4 Transmitter on it. FGR4s fits but then i loose the antenna and thus the range that the other one offers. Thanks...
  2. R

    Kraton Arrma Raider and Raider BLX

    Hello, I am a total newby to RC racing. I got a Raider BLX a month ago with lots of spare parts on Ebay because it looks awesome! Since its cold outside I have a track in my basement and have become totally hooked on the Hobby. Because of that I was looking for a second raider to race and found...
  3. M

    outcast 4s upgrades

    other than the rpm a arms and the obvious aluminum parts they have, is there any other upgradeable parts for the outcast 4s? if so where can I get them
  4. Tim123

    Best street tires for talion v4

    What are the best street tires that wont fall apart within a week of using them? Thanks for the help?
  5. C

    Typhon Replacing transmitter and receiver

    New to the hobby so this might sound dumb... Thinking on getting the arrma typhon 3s from tower hobbies (only them and horizon ship to my country) and it comes with a really cheap spectrum transmitter and receiver. Can i buy a better one and replace it? I know ill need to replace the receiver...
  6. Mavro Drakos

    Big Rock Which ally upgrade would you buy?

    I think I have a condition. OCPB Obsessive compulsive parts buying. I go weak at the knees for anything in anodised aluminium. I've just found a load of new Big Rock upgrades from Hong Kong. Apart from looking nice are these actually likely to be any good. I would imagine the aluminium A arms...
  7. Wmorgan

    Kraton V4 Upgrade Fails (due to inexperience)! HELP Request

    Hoping to get a little direction on some upgrades i recently made that aren't having as much impact as i hoped. In fact, except for the diff fluid, the "upgrades" have made negative or no difference in performance. 1) Rebuilt all diffs with 60k/500k/30k. There is a cracking sound that I...
  8. justin183

    Kraton kraton v4 bumpers

    hi there . does anyone know some bumpers for the kraton v4 ? i have seen some T-bone bumpers but i don't know if these will fit on the V4 because u keep the small front bumper when u use the tbone but the v4 front are different . i did order one but it didnt fit with the stock small bumper...
  9. DavisBj

    Kraton Will Nero shocks work on Kraton 4s?

    Will my Nero shocks work on Kraton 4s. Where can I find similar shocks that will work?
  10. Gnolam

    Granite New to the hobby, open to tech tips!

    So I've recently purchased a 4wd Granite and am very much interested in modifying this truck over time. Since i'm brand new to the hobby, I was hoping someone might take the time and lay out some things i can/should upgrade (and where to get them - Canadian suppliers are a plus!) to help with...

    I am getting Max 6 what's the best motor for it

    Is this motor any good Tenshock X802V2?
  12. NEW Arrma Granite 4x4 BUILD and "RIGS Overview with UPGRADES and TIPS!"

    NEW Arrma Granite 4x4 BUILD and "RIGS Overview with UPGRADES and TIPS!"

    Since the weather has been less than favorable, I decided to do a bench video on my Homemade Granite 4x4 build along with sharing upgrades and tips on all my...
  13. Bigdog3890

    All 3s model built shocks from local RC shop

    Here is a video of my local rc shop guy bill making shocks for all the 3s models for arma !! Here is the link just copy and paste.....
  14. rudedogg79

    Granite Granite 4x4 BLX upgrades

    Hey everyone, I was gifted by my awesome wife a new armma Granite BLX 3S. This is pretty much my first RC (ever) and would like recommendations for upgrades that will make the truck as solid as possible so that I am not driving 45 minutes to the nearest hobby shop every weekend. Like I said, i'm...
  15. J

    Senton Senton speed run advice

    Hello All. I just got an arrma senton 6s blx. I need advice on upgrades. I have stock gearing right now. I have it on 4s 5000mah 50c. It is so heavy, it only goes 32mph.
  16. Crispy117

    CV shaft upgrade for Mega/BLS/BLX?

    Hi, I have a '13 model Mojave Mega with; Pro line shocks Louise tyres 5400Kv brushless motor 60A ESC 3 cell 4000mah battery '14 spec BLX metal gear gearbox and rear end Yeti slipper clutch gear 54 tooth And a few other small mods I've finally blown up my first metal gearbox (after destroying 4...
  17. L

    Typhon So I went a little wild on upgrades for my typhon

    So I went a little wild on upgrades for my Typhon this past week (my sons hpi too lol ). I’ve rebuilt and changed diff fluids, (recommended here). Upgraded to aluminum on several parts; center diff cup and mount, chassis braces, reared diff housing,(ordering front tomorrow) wheelie bar, servo...
  18. zoldos

    Granite upgrade or get something "better"?

    I'm having fun with the brushed Voltage. However, is it worth upgrading to brushless? And how difficult would that be? It looks like I'd need a new ESC and receiver. I can mount a new motor probably without issue. Or should I save and get something better? I'm looking at a Redcat Blackout XBE...
  19. L

    Typhon Beginner here. Need advice!

    Hey guys. Beginner here (Kinda...had a gas powered several years ago). Any tips, tricks must do upgrades? I have a typhon 6s blx. New to electric rc cars and I wanna get the most out of my car. I don’t want it so fast that I can’t control it but I would like to get more top end and acceleration...
  20. jala

    Fazon Recommended spare parts for Fazon?

    I was thinking if I should have some kind of spare part kit available at home, but what would you recommend to have? Is there something that will break most likely? It would be nice to have at least some parts in garage ready.