1. TheFuzz1542

    Mojave My Ever Growing Mojave EXB

    This is my Mojave EXB build log how ever this baby has a lot more work on the way! As of right now I have the common Spektrum Firma 150 Amp ESC and the 4270 - 2050kV motor with a 19 tooth pinion for the wet conditions the next few months are going to bring but for the dry time racing and bashing...
  2. Rhinoswinton

    Senton Senton V3 Mega Upgrade

    Hi there first time RC owner. Bought the Senton V3 Mega....... Upset with myself for not going for the 3s from the get go. Would like to slowly start upgrading to 3s so any assistance with regards to what needs upgrading would be appreciated. I will start buying the parts and once I have...
  3. Haroneezy

    Infraction Infraction upgrades

    Have infraction 6s smc 9700 for about 2 months now drove it some good time balls to the wall I guess ? couple sets of tires so far.. was wondering what’s some upgrades should I do? Dono someone told me that I need to change the diff oil... any advice or suggestions?
  4. Pro-Line Badlands MX Mach 10s

    Pro-Line Badlands MX Mach 10s

    So much better (and cheaper?!) than the stock 2HOs
  5. Felony rally front end

    Felony rally front end

  6. Felony rally rear end

    Felony rally rear end

  7. Yas

    Felony Arrma Felony rally car with light kit ?

    I finally put everything together for the rally build... I've given it a quick shakedown but I'm waiting for the roads to dry before I open it up ? The light kit is the party piece. The headlights have 3 brightness settings and are extremely bright. I set the rear halo lights as...
  8. Yas

    Typhon New 4x4 MEGA/3S BLX hop ups!

    https://www.arrma-rc.com/products/-/30/1/ARA4306V3/OPT/ALL/ALL I'm not sure if anyone else has seen but there are a lot of 4x4/3S hop ups that are listed on the Arrma website ? Upgrades include CNC metal diff gears, steel/plastic CVDs, and best of all, aluminium shock bodies!! What's weird...
  9. After.


    Might polish a little bit and then clear coat.
  10. Even my dog loves upgrades!!!

    Even my dog loves upgrades!!!

    Proud Dachsund dad.
  11. When the mail arrives!!

    When the mail arrives!!

    I’ve got about 3/4 of the Upgrades/parts for my stretched tailon! Hopefully I can pull it off.
  12. Before upgrades.

    Before upgrades.

    Last photo of my v3 tailon before I start all the upgrades. Still learning everyday but one thing I know is I wanna have faith my stuff is STRONG ? plus I got a deal on this bad boy!
  13. Arrma forum!!

    Arrma forum!!

    Upgrades!!!!! Can’t get enough. #addicted
  14. Arrma kitchen

    Arrma kitchen

    Half of the parts have arrived waiting on all the hot racing bling to show up then I can get her done in one shot! Night rider tailon coming soon
  15. RavG99

    Outcast Big Bore Shocks Recommendations???

    Hi Guys. I recently bought an outcast 4s. Absolutely love it. Changed a few things on it already such as... Front and rear arms All pivot balls Servo Controller But now my shocks have started leaking. Well one has. I've heard that it's due to the plastic design. I was wondering if anyone had...
  16. U

    Kraton Upgrades for Kraton 4s

    Hello, I have watched some videos and followed what some people recommend for upgrades. So far, since I have bought it from my brother, I did a few things. I installed a BLX 185 esc, RPM A-Arms, T-Bone skid plate, and a 25KG servo. I only bought the car for $50 bucks from my brother so I am...
  17. J

    Kraton Motor and ESC Upgrades

    Hello im new to RC. Purchased a kraton 6s v4 a couple of months ago... I Absolutely love it ! Its kept me occupied through the lockdown anyway. Just looking to start to upgrade a few things. Any advise on motor and esc upgrades ? Also where can I get a decent motor heat sync fan and aliminum...
  18. Yas

    ARRMA Notorious 6S build log & FULL UPGRADE LIST

    Since there's a giveaway there's not been a better time to start a build log for this big blue beasty. Owned from new since August 2019 and has been my favourite RC of 7 rigs to date Full list of UPGRADES below! Feel free to ask for any part numbers. I can edit them in should anyone want me to...
  19. Upgrading the Arrma Mojave 6s. Fitting M2C Chassis, Scorched Parts Fenders. Finally happy with it.

    Upgrading the Arrma Mojave 6s. Fitting M2C Chassis, Scorched Parts Fenders. Finally happy with it.

    Upgrading the Arrma Mojave 6s. Fitting M2C chassis from Bad Touch Breakers, Scorched Parts Fenders, T Bone Bumpers, And Custom RC Alloy Upgrade Braces. Final...
  20. Grandd702

    Senton New Senton 3s BLX necessary upgrades?

    New to the hobby and I got the Senton 3s BLX for my 5 years old grandson. So far I purchased a few necessary items along with a few upgrades items: • Venom Pro Duo LiPo Battery Charger • Two Powerhobby 2s 7.4v 7600mah 35c Lipo batteries EC5 plug • Spare body shell in green since the truck came...