1. S

    Typhon Typhon 6s v5 broken front shock

    I bought a Typhon v5 and one of the front shocks broke. I’m looking at getting something to replace them. Can anyone direct me where to go and what to get that is a small upgrade to the stock shocks? I’m a newbie so I don’t need anything crazy. I’m still learning size and what fits on my...
  2. A

    Vorteks Recommended servo upgrade

    Hi, After the first 6 months of fairly solid use, the servo on my son’s Vorteks has stopped working (throttle and brakes still operate). Can anyone in the know, offer suggestions for a decent upgraded servo replacement from the standard factory-fitted servo? Thanks!
  3. 20231113_155207.jpg


    Big Rock 3s Modified with 17mm hubs & 1:8 rim & tires. Also with all drive shafts upgrades
  4. Rock guards.jpg

    Rock guards.jpg

    Typhon 6s rear rock upgrade to keep mud, sand, sticks, and garbage out of it. Protect it all.
  5. rock guard upgrade.jpg

    rock guard upgrade.jpg

    Typhon 6s rear rock upgrade to keep mud, sand, sticks, and garbage out of it. Protect it all.
  6. senton kid

    Senton does anybody have body shell that fits the senton

    im looking for a rc body that will fit the senton. because my senton body is all cracked up and i need a new body.my senton is lowered to the ground so im looking for a race car body maybe or maybe a racing truck. leave links if you have any suggestions thanks
  7. R

    Big Rock Recommendations for Big Rock shocks

    Hello, are this aluminum shocks from Arrma good? ARA330677 ARA330678 Because I want to buy for my shocks some springs, where I lost one, after a stunt. But to pay the shipping for only some springs, I want to buy some spare parts, that it's more worthy and my idea is to buy some new shocks...
  8. senton kid

    Senton Faster senton

    Hello , if any one is looking to upgrade there there senton for speed,I have a few options 1st : a 26 tooth pinion gear https://www.amazon.ca/gp/aw/d/B07GQZQC7D?psc=1&ref=ppx_pop_mob_b_asin_title 2nd: small shocks...
  9. F

    Infraction Are there better tires for Infraction 3S?

    I’m planning on getting an 1/8 scale Infraction 3s to race my friend, but I’ve heard it eats tires like crazy and I don’t have the money to be spending $50 every few runs to replace worn-out tires. I’m wondering if there are better tires for the Infraction 3S. I’d be fine with upgrading the hubs...
  10. Jevge

    Outcast Getting a new Outcast 4S V2, what are the recommended upgrades?

    After owning a Rival MT10, Maxx v2, TLR 8ight, Kraton EXB, Kronos XTR, taking a 1,5 year break from the hobby and realizing that I don't have the space to run 1/8ths, I decided to give it another go with an Outcast 4S V2. Intended use is general backyard and open field bashing on grass, with...
  11. C

    Looking to upgrade my motors

    I recently purchased a 1/10 Senton 4WD V3 Mega 550 Brushed Short Course Truck and I'm looking forward to upgrading it. I was wanting to change it to a brushless system and run it off LiPo cells. My problem is I would like to put a 5700 kv motor in, but I still have the stock gearing system. I'm...
  12. Ghast

    Typhon This is my Typhon. There are many like it, but this one is mine.

    Hey y'all. This build thread is to document modding and bashing my new Typhon 3s. Feel free to make mod suggestions along the way. The goal of this build thread to experiment and try different things for fun. Let's start. ------------------------------------------------------- ~~~ Here is the...
  13. TheBeardedGiant

    Vorteks Motor Issues

    Im using the stock 550 motor and I recently switched to metal gears and added 4x4 upgrade to my Vorteks, and since then I've smoked two motors. The first motor after upgraded to the 57t .8 mod spur gear, I was using the 15t .8 mod pinion and I assumed the gear ratio was too high. Got the motor...
  14. BO55_Saint

    Kraton 6s Frankenstein BLX

    Hey Guys!!! Got me a Kraton v5 BLX in December, I've been running it stock until I had a crash which tore the hinge pin through the A-arm, bent a shock stand-off plus some other minor damage. I decided this was a good time to start upgrading some of the BLX parts but I kinda got carried away...
  15. Melon

    Titanium screws

    I would like to upgrade all the stock hardware in my typhon 6s into titanium ones. Where do people order this stuff from for a good price?
  16. zune

    Kraton Kraton 6s V5 upgrade questions

    Hello everyone, new to here and well RC in general. I bought the kraton 6s V5 around Christmas time. The wife said go big or go home haha. I was looking at a 1/10 like the Vorteks to start with. Anyways, as predictable I’ve smashed it pretty good. Bent one of the front shocks, have since put new...
  17. phaserguy

    Infraction Just brought the v2 infraction

    Hay peeps Iv just gone an brought the infraction V2 with the intentions of using this as a bit of a project looking to hit the 130/140 mark looking at a couple motors what have you guys found which don’t burn out and kill everything in the process Iv been told to stay away from castle and stick...
  18. BO55_Saint

    Big Rock Big Rocks Roll Out!!!

    Finally found time to do this overdue build thread. I've had my BRCC for 4 months now, actually feels longer, and I have done quite a bit to it. Some of my early upgrades were just because others on the forums had done it but as I drove the car more I learned what it was and wasn't capable of I...
  19. 20220717_131437.jpg


    Everything upgrade
  20. WaZZu206

    SOLD / FOUND Any interest in Arrma 4x4 blx with tons of extras/upgrades. 1 year old

    Not actively looking to sell, but if there is a bunch of interest, I will post pics. Thanks!!