Have steering but no throttle on my tailon

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Did some driving around yard today. Came n cleaned off truck.. charged batteries etc.. later tonight went to drive around yard again... now i am getting no throttle response. My servo works... but nothing else... what happened? Help please
Hey @Nite nite - can you describe your issue a little more?

For example, does the ESC beep at all? Is there a twitch or anything in the motor before it stops working?

Hopefully, I am jumping to conclusions, but you might have a fried ESC, which is covered under full warranty if that is the case. Check out this thread for some troubleshooting tips:

doesn't beep... just flashes light... its not like it just stopped on me.. it was working before i shut it off and charged the batts... then i put them in and it doesn't work... i been at my sons boxing show. When i get home imma mess with it more
double check your battery voltage. Are you using lipos? maybe the charger failed? If Nimh's, I had a couple of those go bad in from one charge to another...lol
Yes using lipos.. was running earlier on 6s then my 4s came b the mail.. i charged them.. put them in and that is when i noticed nothing was working but steering
Sounds like the batteries couldn't turn the motor, or the ESC is acting like the low voltage cutoff is active or it is bad.
So what do u think i should do? Give me 30mins to get home and i will mess with it and see what i come up with
Im getting 6 flashing blue lights then i can hear a click n motor.. and it just repeats itself
Sounds very familiar - that's exactly what happened to my ESC - Arrma had to replace it via warranty. Check out the link in my earlier post.
Yea i have been searching and looking at forum and it seems a lot of ppl have had this issue... pisses me off because i have only put one run on this truck before this... would be understandable if i just beat the crap out of it or had it for a while... i literally have not had this truck for 3days before this happen. 2days of which i just looked at it because my batteries hadn't came n mail yet. So 1 day (morning) of running now i have to wait weeks for me to send my esc and recieve a new one.. wish i could just take the things back to hobby shop and them just give me a new one.. im beyond pissed. Why wouldnt arrma just fix the issue and be done with it.. errrr
UPDATE!! It turned out being I fried my ESC. While taking out my ESC i noticed my left front shock wasnt compressing. I looked and the shaft was bent.. it had to come like that because A. It wasnt bendable by hand to bend it back. B. I never hit anything ran it once around in my yard and thats it. Anyways... so i call customer support and tell them what happened. The shipped me out a new shock immediately and asked me to send my ESC in and they will replace it. They did however tell me that it will take 5-6days after they receive it to get the other one shipped and that they are waiting arrival for all new ESCs to go in arrma vehicles now the wait.. but out of 5 star rating... Arrmas customer support gets 5 stars
@Nite nite it is good that your ESC has failed because you are getting a new one which will be 100% without issues and you don't have to worry that this will happen again. Arrmas customer support is the best ;) When does my ESC fail? :D
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