Kraton Kraton won't power on after crash...

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Hey guys,

Was out with my son and he crashed my Kraton full speed into a brick building...

Physically/mechanically everything looks good. A small bend in a washer and one of the body pins broke, but otherwise I'm shocked it wasn't in pieces.

The Kraton will not power back on however... I don't see anything that stands out, all the wires look intact. I tried my backup battery and it still won't start, so I'm ruling out it's the battery.

Any ideas on where I should look? Pretty upset about this...
I would guess the ESC is bad if it wont turn on. Open up the receiver box and check everything in there also.
There is no sign at all of damage to any electrical component? Look it over carefully, power switch feel fine? ESC lead plugged into receiver? Battery plugged in? If nothing is visibly damaged or disconnected, have to do process of elimination unfortunately and test your components.
Opened the receiving box and everything was connected fine there. Switch feels fine, made sure the connections to the ESC are connected and look good. My guess is also the ESC; hopefully I'll have time tomorrow to take it by the local shop I got it from. Thanks guys!
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