Let's see your 2023 Arrma RC Shots!

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Do those tires make loud skid sounds on the sidewalk or parking lot? The BanditoX on my 1:5 K are loud as heck, the skid sounds are so dramatic .
Dramatic skid mark sounds are great..the louder the better in my opinion 😁🤟
Senton 3s BLX Modded with Big Rock parts to soon to be police interceptor… waiting on a few parts and decals. Electronics are stock as of right now. 🤙👍 .

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You don't stickers.its nice the way it is.😁🤟
It's an Arrma 🙃


Interesting you see that. Was really trying to make look it cheerful. I was trying to avoid that evil look so many bodies have.
Nice 80's Miami Vice feel! 😁 (y)

Senton 6s