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Hey everyone. I was looking at picking up a Talion from a guy and I noticed it had the red ESC. I know there was some issues with that ESC, or so I thought anyways. Is this something I should be worried about? It would be used, so I don't want to buy it and something happen to the ESC and Im stuck buying an ESC for it. Not that its a deal breaker, but I wanted to know everything I could before making a decision. Thanks in advance
@ElectroNoob sounds like it's got the BLX180 which has been well documented in these parts alone to have a high failure rate, some even caught fire. I'd recommend replacing it with the newer BLX185 ESC which has a much better track record.

Thanks for the info. I thought that was the case. I would most likely replace the ESC if I did decide to get this truck. I was wondering though, does Hobbico have any trade in programs on this ESC that you know of? I would imagine with a high failure rate on this ESC they would have something like that in place. Thanks.
Apologies for te late reaction

I have the "old" BLX180 in my Talion, and have no problems. I am driving with both 2x2S and 2x3s and so far all seems well when it comes to the ESC.
Have been running it over a year, mostly on 2x2s and admittedly not extremely intensive, a little bashing, some off road (grass) and tarmac.

I only had issues with the servo: Last week, the servo in the Talion simply stopped working when i was running it on 2x3s. I measured the voltage from the BEC and that came to 7,3v. The gears on the servo were not stripped, so I assume an electronic failure. I sent the servo to my LHS and hope it will be replaced under Arrma's liftetime warranty for electronic failure.

Strange thing is that i also have the new Raider XL. I am running it on 3s, and also there the servo malfunctioned on the second run. I got it replaced under warranty, with some difficulty from Hobbico initially, but ultimately it was handled satisfactorily.

So, in short: based on my limited experience, the servo's are more of an issue than the ESC but as long as Arrma (Hobbico) lives up to its claim on lifetime warranty,I am happy. The Talion is a blast, the Raider XL if possible, even more.

Hope this helps.
This thread was actually started by my friend at work when I mentioned to him that I had a line on a trade for the Talion in question. He already had an account on the forum. So far, the ESC has been okay; the steering servo was already replaced with a Savox when I traded for it. This is my first 1/8th scale RC. The ESC fan is definitely loud on this thing. Will be able to tell more when the weather warms up here as to how good the electronics are. It has ran great on the few occasions I have had it out. It was a little neglected when I received it. I cleaned it up and tightened up some things that had vibrated loose over time. It doesn't appear to have been abused, just well-played-with. It is good to see that there are a lot of choices for replacement electronics and the prices really aren't that bad.
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