1. C

    SOLVED please disregard

    Ive tried the trim and callibration but i cant get the neutral to confirm ( 1 green flashing of the lights ) i'll post a video soon. I feel like an idiot. The reciever plugs were the wrong way
  2. Shroobs

    ESC for TP Power 4070 2200kv?

    Hi, So i have this 1/8th scale truggy that i converted from nitro to brushless. It has a 2200kv TP power 4070 in it. I bought a surpass hobby 150a 6s ESC for it and a pair of 7000mah 3s LiPos. The ESC blew up about 5 minutes. Lesson learned. Since then the car has sort of sat in a corner...
  3. B

    Need help diagnosing a restarting esc.

    I just got an Arrma infraction V2 6S. I run it with two gensacearespammers 3S 8000mAh batteries. Everything was good until not I turn it on it beeps normally. I can steer and I can use the brakes but when I hit the throttle it goes but then when I let off the throttle it restarts the ESC. It really seems...
  4. obessedwithrc

    Custom 3d printed MMX ESC mount w/ 40mm fan [Arrma 1/8th scale]

    Custom 3d printed ESC mount for Mabma Monster X (not the 8s version) I worked with the designer in Germany to create a version of his MMX mount for the Arrma 6s line w/ mounting holes for a 40mm fan. Here are some pics of what that looks like installed on a Typhon 6s. The mount bolts right...
  5. CircuitDragon

    Big Rock Big Rock Steering issue / Possible ESC?

    I have done a lot of Google searches, and even YouTube videos. Some people have reported nearly the same issue, but either the problem was the servo, or they never mentioned a fix. Here is my issue. I noticed the steering suddenly was sluggish, and at times unresponsive. By this I mean I could...
  6. E

    Vorteks steering cuts out.

    Hi, I'm new to this forum and I hope you can help. I have new Vorteks which is giving me trouble. The shop is online, and I'm cursing myself for that choice now with the hassle of sending stuff to them for warranty stuff, at the risk of not finding errors. So I want to narrow it down a bit...
  7. HoodieBoy

    Outcast Electronics upgrades

    So I was thinking of replacing my Outcast 6S EXB electronics with better ones. I was searching for cheaper options so these aren't the best of the best, but they are still good for the price. Does anyone have a better suggestion? These are my favourites: ESC & motor combo: Hobbywing Max8 & 4274...
  8. C

    Granite blx100 esc cutting out

    Today my Granite started reacting poorly to the throttle control. It was only working for a split second then five seconds dead. Then another jerk. I calibrated the throttle. Now it works a little better but still cuts out a lot. When it cuts out the red ESC light is illuminated for 2-3 seconds...
  9. Drjt

    Mojave Is Spectrum Trash? New Arrma Mojave electronics failure!

    I used to love Arrma... now I'm having trouble with every model... I should say with the spectrum components in 3 new models... first the vorteks steering servo, then the outcast servo and radio, now the mojave servo and esc... all within a few packs of running... It's getting so ridiculous...
  10. Hector_Fisher

    Typhon Will it run? Typhon with 130a esc and 2650kv on 4s?

    So I guess this is two questions: 1) I know this setup in the 1/8 scale typhon will technically "run", but just looking for a sanity check. Will it be underwhelming? Hard to cool? Bad cogging? I'd be using a 3700 mah, 100c, 4s lipo with gearing to match stock 6s speed (50ish mph). What...
  11. BedfordRCFan

    Please help me choose the right electronics.

    Hi all. I'll be getting myself an Outcast 8S EXB next month, so im speccing the electronics at the moment. Going with a Hobbywings combo but am I better with Max5/800KV or Max6/1100KV? I'm unlikely to be sending it off of skatepark jumps but I will be jumping it at BMX tracks and I want it to be...
  12. chilliwacko

    Typhon New Typhon Mega - ESC constantly beeps under throttle

    Hey all, I just unboxed a new Typhon MEGA 550 and plugged in a fully charged NiMh battery. Whenever I give forward or reverse throttle, the ESC constantly beeps. I uploaded a video here, hopefully the link works: Is this normal? It...
  13. E

    Robitronic 60a Esc burnout

    So i was driving my bl converted arrma granite mega and after i load the second battery in and drive for a little it made a swish kind of sound i immediately unplugged it and the esc had burned out, its got a arrma 4 pole 3800kv bl motor and a 60amp 3s esc a 100 amp esc is recommended for this...
  14. J

    Senton Senton 550 Overheating w/ Max10 esc and 3600kv motor combo and Savox SW1211SG servo

    The Max10 ESC is the only thing that’s overheating. I’m running this combo with 16t pinion 57t spur gear. after about 10 minutes runtime. This happens when I use a 2s 5200mah and 3s 3300mah. I think that my steering is off and the esc is trying hard to compensate for it while trying to power the...
  15. C

    Spektrum firma 150amp esc DOA

    I just purchased a 150amp firma esc (with the capacitors installed ) and When I press the power button nothing happens. I'm using a 3s lipo and the jumper cable. I also tried two 3s lipos. I'm wondering if I got sold a dead esc by my lhs. If I need to post photos of my esc I will but I don't...
  16. DTW

    What is this wire on my ESC?

    Hey all, I am a Mojave noob and just finished running it for the second time and noticed this unplugged wire hanging off my ESC after cleaning. Can you tell me what it is? It doesn't have long enough wiring to reach the receiver and it looks like it plugs into itself?? Thanks, Dennis
  17. sogz

    Vorteks Arrma vorteks esc

    Hi, I have a arrma vorteks. The esc has a flashing red light. I have tried the following to resolve: rebinding the transmitter and receiver 4 Different batteries unplugging the servo is this a case of a fried esc? many thanks
  18. 5606CC10-49B5-469F-B3C2-E212048E514D.jpeg


    Self Made HW MAX5 Cover 🤪
  19. deathmachine76

    Notorious v5 Power button/cover?

    So I guess I went a little too hard the other day with my Notorious and the little round rubber power button said bye bye. Does anyone by chance have a fried esc or a power switch with that button that they’d be willing to sell? Or does anyone know where to find a replacement? I’d be forever...
  20. Yazman

    BLX 185 vs Spektrum Firma 150?

    Which do you prefer, and why? I like that the Spektrum makes bleep bloop noises, but I'm curious about it's performance/longevity/quality/heat. Also, are the Spektrum 2050kv and the BLX 4074 the same thing?