1. T

    Senton No throttle response

    Just replaced the esc and have no response for my son's senton after I replaced the esc I have steering but no throttle I did have it briefly after binding it and the esc has a blinking red light
  2. H

    Kraton Max6 ESC Mounting

    Greetings all, I have seen that the Max6 has been an extremely popular combo on these forums, alongside a 4092 [I got a 1650Kv] motor. After waiting cause of the postal delays, I got a few upgrades , including the Max6 system. My challenge is that the max6 does not fit on the orignal esc...
  3. B

    Granite Dented capacitor on esc battery leads after bench collision

    So was driving my granite 4x4 blx at a skatepark and jumped into the bottom of a concrete bench crushing the top of the body, motor fan and denting one of the capacitors on the battery lead coming out of the esc. Is the capacitor neccessary to replace? It still seemed to run fine as I didn't...
  4. MrTJox1

    Hobbywing vs Castle Creations for Arrma Kraton v4????

    I am looking to upgrade my electronics and motor. I'm a newbie and found HW and CC to be the standard for bashers! I'm looking at the CC- Monster X w/1515 (2250kV) motor OR HW Xerun XR8 plus w/4274 SD G2 (2250kv) motor? What are some thoughts out there..why CC over HW? Oh yeah, no comments...
  5. Astronought

    Weird Mamba Monster X issue on Kraton EXB

    Hey all! I was hoping that someone will be able to help me figure out what's wrong with my MMX ESC. I've got it running on my Kraton EXB with the Castle 2200kv 1515 sensored motor on the stock EXB 12 tooth pinion, a Castle 1515 motor cooling fan and I'm running it on 4S power only. So it will...
  6. T

    Replacement BLX185 on/off switch?

    I had my typhon 3s converted to a 6s machine... then it promptly got run over by a car. The damage wasn’t too bad (arrma tough baby!) but the on off switch was destroyed. Is there a replacement that is easy to connect? Or am I SOL and need to buy a whole new esc?
  7. MrTJox1

    Kraton Electronics and motor upgrade ideas???

    What's up out there...What about motor and ESC upgrades for Kraton 6S, if I want to do something like that in the future? I've been reading that Tekin T8 1700 or 1900kV with the RX8 ESC was a REALLY good setup (if I ever got in a position to really shell out some dough), or Hobby Wing! Just...
  8. M

    Kraton PLEASE Help. 160A 8s Firma in my 6s BLX

    I'm attempting to mount a Spectrum 160A 8s esc in my Kraton 6s BLX. I can't see how to mount it as of now unless I make a bracket that mounts to the existing esc mount, then vertical and sideways. I swear I have seen people that already have them in their cars so I'm asking for guidance. Thank...
  9. thedutchviking

    Granite 4X4 Granite Mega Power Troubleshooting

    My son’s 4x4 Granite MEGA has been consistently losing throttle power (zero) every thirty seconds. After double checking the batteries (2S 2500 mah LiPo), the jumpers, and double-checking the motor that we replaced a few week’s prior, I decided—after browsing the forums—that the ESC was likely...
  10. M

    Kraton Esc fault?

    Hi guys. Just got myself a kraton 6s and it's amazing. However the other day the servo just stopped working. I purchased another one and it lasted 10 seconds. The moment it stops i notice the esc fan is spinning super fast but then returns to normal.It's still under warranty but modelsport...
  11. Sgt_Nutcase

    Kraton Kraton 4S ESC wont turn on

    Yesterday i was doing a little bashing and decided to do a backflip, when it landed the car cut out and wouldn't turn back on. I had this issue before but it turned back on after 5 minutes. This time it didnt... Anyone had this issue and/or know a fix?
  12. simonthomas13

    EXB Motor and ESC Combo

    Hi all, I'm giving myself a right headache trying to decide which ESC and Motor combo to install in my EXB when it arrives late August (In the UK). This is my first roller so my #1 priority is something simple to install, i'd like to avoid modifying anything if possible. I'm not after the...
  13. Adamjr

    Granite Overheating or battery running out?

    Just picked up my first Arrma, a second hand Granite and am loving it! One thing is confusing me though, in the paper manual I got it states the ESC will flash RED if it overheats, but the online manual says it will flash GREEN on overheat? Can someone tell me which one is correct? Got some good...
  14. Mike-NLD

    Kraton EXB - recommend me some electronics

    Guys, Bein new to non-stock electronics, what should i be putting in my pre-ordered EXB? Nothing really extreme.. A 6s capable system is just fine.. But don't want it to run hot all the time I was thinkin TP-Power 4050 (40mm×82mm) 3Y 2100kv But with what ESC should that be paired? Other...
  15. S

    Typhon Move the ESC

    Hi I'm new to this hobby; however, I noticed my BLX100 BRUSHLESS 3S ESC Keeps getting knocked now and then, and the cable to the EC5 connector is taking some strain every time I place the body back on. I've decided to move the ESC and On/Off switch to the middle of the chassis behind the...
  16. Dav30

    ESC fan replacement?

    hey guys my K8S esc fan lost a blade and i want to replace it but i cant find any 35mm fans what have you been using as a replacement? is there a way to mount a 30mm in a 35mm housing?
  17. J

    Kraton Motor and ESC Upgrades

    Hello im new to RC. Purchased a kraton 6s v4 a couple of months ago... I Absolutely love it ! Its kept me occupied through the lockdown anyway. Just looking to start to upgrade a few things. Any advise on motor and esc upgrades ? Also where can I get a decent motor heat sync fan and aliminum...
  18. Grimbles

    Typhon Big ESCs... where are you putting them?

    Hello chaps, first post but been a lingering for a while. I have a typhon (originally mega 550 but ive been upgrading the life out of it... i know i could have bought a 6s by now but i enjoy the process and breaking bits too!). Anyways, i have upgraded originally to a hobbywing max 10 with a...
  19. V

    Granite Arrma granite mega upgrade options

    I want to upgrade from brushed to brushless motor and ESC any suggestions?
  20. JDarby05

    Kraton 8s MOTOR/ESC Upgrade

    Debating this motor and esc upgrade MOTOR: 4-POLE SENSORED BRUSHLESS, 2028-800KV ESC: MAMBA MONSTER X 8S, 33.6V Motor Mount...