1. TraverseCity420

    Mamba Monster 2 ESC Setting Help

    What setting in castle link changes it so when I'm going in reverse it sets a delay or neutral before going forward, Atm its going from full reverse straight into full forward with no delay, But it will not go from forward to full reverse without a delay or going to neutral first which I prefer...
  2. Hippos21

    Better ESC Fan!

    Hey guys only run my Kraton maybe 6 times but it’s blown all the blades off the ESC cooling Fan is there a better fan unit or upgrade for the factory ESC?
  3. D

    ESC Upgrade for my young son's Granite 4x4

    A couple of weeks ago, I picked up a used Granite 4x4 for my son off of Craiglist. The truck was very clean and all stock. The price was right and I knew the electronics would be the biggest question. Its seems this truck goes into thermal shutdown after a few minutes of driving. We're...
  4. M

    Voltage ESC upgrade

    Hello hobbyist I was wanting to see what kind of ESC would work for a replacement for the brushed ESC?
  5. Ktc888

    Will this ESC fan fit the Kraton?

    Hiya guys. Was just wondering if this ESC fan would fit my kraton?
  6. 1

    Fazon Voltage.

    Recieved my Voltage with a shock in pieces, this is a terrible design not having a threaded shock shaft. After about 2 hours of use on the car I had issues turning the esc on, I read somewhere that if you turn down throttle trim then power on- it worked and then after a 5 min run i lost...
  7. Timmy!

    New Senton shuts down

    Bought a Venom 5000 40C 7.4 V 2S battery for our new Senton Mega and after 10-12 minutes run time it seems like the ESC loses contact with the controller. The wheels will turn back and forth but no throttle. Shut the vehicle off and turn back on and it will run for a minute and do the same...
  8. L

    Is my BLX 185 ESC bad?

    So for a few months now ive had a problem going on my kraton v3. When i first start driving it it will full throttle for a quick burst without me doing it. Its not my trim and ive tried to reset everything. Nothing works. And it seems to go away after 10 mins of driving it. Like once it warm ...
  9. thef91gundam

    Arrma Granite Voltage only steering response and no throttle.

    So while i was waiting for a rear tower for my kraton to arrive, i decided to have fun on my lil brother's granite voltage under the rain. Suddenly it doesn't have steering response but that's impossible because i change the servo with a aftermarket 20kg servo €35 (original was useless). I...
  10. bicketybam

    Castle Mamba Monster X/1515-2200Kv motor combo

    I went and got this combo today from a LHS. They matched the price Castle is selling it for on their website,which I thought was cool. I only had a few issues with installation. First I couldn't get the 14t pinion off the stock BLX motor. I have a pinion puller but I couldn't use it because of...
  11. Nampur

    ESC blinking red

    Hy I am Nampur from Switzerland what can i do ? please some sugesstions thx
  12. stuartd

    Arrma Talion overheating

    I've had my new Talion v3 out for a couple of runs now. Really impressed with it so far. I went to my work car park when it was mostly empty today so I'd have space to pull the trigger right back (briefly) but after about a half hour of driving / skidding it around the car cut out suddenly and...
  13. Slogrits

    Max6 vs. max8

    Does the max6 fit in the Kraton? With hobbystar 4096 motor is there a benefit of the max6 or is the max8 doing the same job? Please post pictures.
  14. A13art

    Is my ESC toast?

    so I purchased a talion and just started getting into the electric scene. I have the 20tooth gear in and have been constantly over heating running 6s 7500mah 100c. However I usually just let it cool off and I am good to go after. This time I got cut off my servo got locked and my esc is...
  15. Z

    Motor doesn't engage Esc solid red light green fading light

    Just got the Kraton in the mail today ran it for prob 15min charged batteries ran for 5min later and motor cuts out completle fan and servo still work. motors still wont engages no noise when press trigger esc has a solid red light then the green light fades out. haven't even ran it on full...
  16. rated///m

    Typhon esc fire

    I turned my Typhon on yesterday and was going through pre flight checklist and suddenly my esc started flaming. Any others with this issue? I hadn't even run the car yet so it was cool. Had to throw some dirt on it to put out the flames, I've had a li-po battery explode on me and don't want to...
  17. Mentolio

    My new Hobbywing system...

    This is going to be a "initial impression review" of the Hobbywing EZ Run MAX10SCT 120amp ESC and its accompanying model 3660, 3300kv motor. Some background: my brushless experience is limited to inexpensive (ok, cheap!) Turnigy components and systems from Hobby King (which ARE cheap and -knock...
  18. WTF MIKE

    Throttle issues

    I’m having issues when I run 6s on outcast. As I’m driving it it will by itself go full throttle for a second or two enough to wheelie and do back flips. It’s out of control especially when jumping. I’m thinking my esc is failing. Any ideas?
  19. B

    Jumper Plug getting really hot after 6s run

    I haven’t been on this forum in a while! But I’m back and I have a question. I run a single 6s pack in my Typhon V3 instead of two 3s packs. The jumper plug needed to run the car on one battery gets really really hot! Not melting plastic hot (or at least I don’t know nor do I really want to...
  20. Texan45

    Connected a external BEC, magic smoke happened.

    Hello all, I have a almost 2 week old Arrma Kraton and the servo went out last week. I bought a Savox 1230 and a external bec to go with it based on other threads on here. I hooked everything up, running the power leads from the BEC to the positive and negative of one of the battery leads...