1. Supershadrap

    Max6 how to fit on a Kraton, help please

    How do you install this beast on that small piece of plastic? Any ideas? I see many of you have done it but I can't find out how to do that. Thank you!
  2. L

    Granite Granite 4x4 blx voltage cut off

    Good morning, does any body knows how to lower the voltage cut off on the arrma granite 4x4 blx? I bought some new batteries for my new truck and it works well but the truck stops working when the battery is at 3.8 V. If I use the same batteries with my x-maxx they die at 3.35. So the run time...
  3. ESC meltdown

    ESC meltdown

    It looks like a jet of flame shot out the back like a rocket engine. Just a melted hole from the inside-out
  4. ESC did it's best volcano impression

    ESC did it's best volcano impression

  5. Melted the power sitch wiring

    Melted the power sitch wiring

  6. Look closely and you can see what's left of the smoke coming from the ESC

    Look closely and you can see what's left of the smoke coming from the ESC

    After I was convinced it wasn't the battery, I flipped it upright, got the body off and took a pic. 4S battery got disconnected next.
  7. LittleFlowRider

    Recommend me an ESC for Kraton 4s

    For Kraton 4s, using 4s. I heard some people like the blx 185, some like the max10/max8. Just looking for some options
  8. StripedMoose

    BLX120 ESC unresponsive - slow green blinking

    Hey all - My LHS suggested the BLX120 as a replacement for the BLX100 in my Granite 3s 4x4. The BLX100 was doing the four-flashing thing, I'll warranty it but was psyched to have an upgrade and a spare down the line. Problem is, when I plug it all in I get a slow green flash from the ESC and...
  9. BassAndBeer

    Granite What Did I Do Wrong?

    First and foremost, thank you to the guys that make this forum possible. I just joined today, after searching for answers regarding my newly purchased 3S BLX Granite. I picked it up today and I’ve tried running it a few times, but I’m having a problem with the truck losing power. It’s bone...
  10. C

    Typhon Arrma typhon esc fan stop working.

    Hello friends. Last week i ran my typhon at the local track and when i was taking the last battery of the day, i realized that while still on, the fan on the esc wasn't running. It always worked when truning the switch on, so i checked with the cable in case it got loose, but it was firmly...
  11. P

    Choose esc for outcast 4s

    hello I have a 4s outcast and I wanted to know which esc would be best between a Hobbywing quicrun 08 4s-6s or the Arrma BLX120 (stock one) or if you have one to suggest to me. Thank you
  12. W

    Senton Help with esc relocation

    Hello I’m trying to relocate the esc to get better cooling but I’m not sure where is a better place, on top of servo or the other place? any thoughts? I’m placing it with double side tape
  13. rcmadman

    How to run 6s esc with 2 3s lipos, but esc only has 1 deans lead

    Hey,this isn’t linked to any arrma cars but I need some help with an esc. I am getting a hobbywing Quickrun 150A which says it can run 6s, but I want to run it on 2 3s lipos because I only have 3s and 2s lipos, however the esc only has 1 deans connector. Is there an adapter I could buy, like a...
  14. C

    Typhon Possible to specify drag brake on blx185 esc?

    Hello friends. Im a typhon user and was wondering if it's possible to program drag brake in it. I read the manual but there is not mention of it in the esc table. Is possible with a programming card?. Thanks in advance!!!
  15. dillon_mitko

    Kraton How to calibrate esc?

    I had to get a new esc through warranty (BLX 185 6S) and in the email they said “be advised you will need to calibrate the speed controller”. Instructions are included but I’m still a bit confused so I was wondering if the arrmy could help!?
  16. B

    Can i use a blx185 esc on my 3s 3200kv motor?

    Can i use my blx 185 esc on my 3s 3200kv motor
  17. A

    Senton Senton mega brushed

    Can i use 3s lipo on senton mega brushed truck? Will esc tolerate it?
  18. Trixxstrr

    ESC problem, no throttle

    My Senton 4x4 mega suddenly stopped working in the middle of a run. Steering works but no throttle. Tested with new battery, when turning on doesn't make any beeps like it normally does. Steering works. Half pull off throttle makes ESC blink, full pull makes it solid light so I know it's getting...
  19. J

    Senton New Senton 6s- No antenna??

    Not sure if this should gonhere or the electronics thread.. I’m thinking there was a mess up at the factory and there wasn’t an antenna installed on my new senton 6s from tower hobbies. No antenna tube or wire at all that I can see... Anyone else experience this? -cheers
  20. V

    Senton Senton 3s ESC died AGAIN! What´s the next best thing?

    Ok,hi all!Bought Arrma senton 3s 4x4 blx while ago...and I´m REALLY loving it!!!Wonderful thing this is! But now she´s giving me hard time.Drove across a puddle of water several times,and nothing.Drove yet another battery after that,all fine. At morning wanted to drive more but nothing...