1. C

    ESC cutting off whenever starting at the bottom of a slop

    Hi all, Just wondering if my Arrma Senton BLX ESC is going to die any time soon. Last week-end I found a new spot with a nice slope (though a bit steep at the beginning). I noticed that whenever I tried to start from the bottom there was like a cogging effect the car would not move the steering...
  2. M

    Punch settings notorious v4

    Hey guys, I just picked up a second hand v4 notorious, and was wondering how to change the punch setting to something a little higher? I can find information for a v5 but not a v4 unfortunately. Any help would be appreciated!
  3. H

    Kraton Are stock 6s electronics (motor/esc) any good?

    I've got a super-sized 1/10 scale basher that i'm thinking could make good use of the larger motor and lower kv from the 6s setup (2050kv and 150A esc). It's currently running a 3150kv motor and 130A esc on 3s and I have it geared to suit my speed. I'd plan to run the new setup on 4s and gear...

    Kraton Kraton 6s, Throttle but no steering? Why.?

    Hey long time reader, First time poster, On my blx Kraton I took a minor tumble wumble and lost all steering, I have full control over throttle yet no servo movement whatsoever, I have swapped in and out several different 15kg servos, receivers and transmitters all to no avail. Just...
  5. mopudding

    Raider No throttle, no ESC beep upon power on

    Hey everyone, I have a stock 1/10 Raider Mega brushed buggy. Was working fine one day, then the next it is dead. I can steer, but no throttle (forward or reverse); also ESC has no lights and no beep upon turn ON. It ran slow for a bit before it completely died. Is this the ESC or the motor...
  6. D

    Forward /reverse switched?

    So I just got this kraton 8s, it’s bone stock. I got some lights for it, sometime while I had the receiver open to install the leads for the lights I messed up the esc I guess? Now when I use it, I only have 50% forward and 100% reverse? I don’t know how I did this. Switching the throttle on the...
  7. D

    Kraton 8s throttle reversed?

    I just bought this kraton 8s. I got some lights for it, sometime while I had the receiver open to install the leads for the lights I messed up the esc I guess? Now when I use it, I only have 50% forward and 100% reverse? I don’t know how I did this. Switching the throttle on the controller...
  8. KratonKing1983


    Today I bought my 7yo a Mojave 6s setup and was running perfect he hit a small dirt mound with the left front tire and rolled truck. When I went to get it I heard the esc keep initializing. The servo as not working and when I moved it by hand the truck was totally unresponsive. The esc showed no...
  9. M

    Kraton Mamba X calibration

    Kraton EXB 6s, Castle 1515 220kv (sensored) motor and Mamba X ESC. DX5 remote I've tried to calibrate the ESC i doesn't recognize reverse. Hold throttle, power ESC on. i hear a few beeps then push the throttle forward (supposed to do a few beeps to agree) and it just beeps constant and red...
  10. B

    Kraton EXB with max6 and TP 2300kv motor

    Hey guys, I’m new to the world of Arrma 6s so please be gentle! 😂 I’ve just bought a used Kraton EXB rtr which was reasonably priced; it has a max6 esc and TP 2300kv motor fitted (picture attached). Didn’t know much about the max6 but thought that sounded like a sensible combo. However, just...
  11. K

    Granite Blinking green light when driving on the ground

    After about 10 mins of driving, the ESC blinked green. I restarted it but it blinked green a few seconds later when I drove it on the ground. However when I held it in place it can run for a long time, ESC didn't blink green. For context, I just replaced the EC3 holder on the ESC yesterday, it...
  12. thrak76

    Steering channel operates throttle (Spektrum SR6100AT receiver)

    Having a heck of a time trying to bind a BLX100 ESC to new transmitter/receiver. I've got a DX5C, paired with a sr6100AT. Cannot get a proper bind, and only thing that operates is forward throttle when I use the steering channel! If I swap channel positions on the receiver, then steering works...
  13. S

    Outrageously absurd issues with Axial AE-5 rock crawler ESC

    I am completely at a loss to what is happening with my Axial SCX10iii right now. The truck was built up from the kit version and is equipped with an Axial AE-5 ESC along with a Traxxas Titan 550 brushed motor. The ESC does not have an on/off switch so when you plug the battery into the ESC it...
  14. M

    Kraton esc wire tore off, what does it do

    the blackwire that connects to this part of esc tore off, but car still runs what is the purpose of it and do i need to fix it?
  15. fabiankrieger

    Notorious Stuttering, weird sound and slow on full throttle

    Hi! I hope somebody knows how i can fix this. I've bought this new Notorious V5 not long ago and (semi)bashed it 2 times. Semi because it's new :P But somehow a propeller from the ESC broke off, i thought that was wrong with the RC. I already took the broken propellor out. But still on full...
  16. davenelson

    Typhon Cleaning up Typhon's Wires

    The Typhon will barely fit the 6S 5000 mAh batteries I have much less 2 3S batteries, so I decided to move the caps and remove the second battery connector. I ended up destroying the second IC5 connector trying to desolder it, it took a surprising amount of heat to remove those bullets, I should...
  17. SamVorst

    Typhon 4 week old car moves only forward sometimes backwards

    Hi all, I'm new to the forum and to the hobby also. I have some knowledge of technic. So I went racing last friday and suddenly the car stops driving. The ESC was beeping. I opened the car and there was no movement in the motor, it was stuck. With some force I could get it to turn. But when I...
  18. packattack24

    Felony ESC wet the bed for no reason

    I've had my felony for about six months and now and about a week ago the esc decided it just did not want to work anymore. I've only ever done some light to medium bashing with it. I been reading that there was a bad batch of Spektrum esc's that came out with the felonies and infractions, is...
  19. Hoss81

    What upgrade ESC for my 6S kraton?

    Planning on an upgrade ESC for my Kraton 6S. I've been running a quicrun 150a for like 6yrs. ESC works perfectly but could use more BEC voltage/amperage. Thoughts? 1. HW Max6 V3 2. Castle Mamba Monster X 1/6 3. HW Max8 V3 4. Castle Mamba Monster X 1/8 Reistically ill never run 8s in my...
  20. Tara

    what motor do you recommend?

    I am changing out the ESC in my felony to a castle creations 1/6 mamba monster x 8s 33.6v and what motor would you recommend to run with that?