1. Deceased

    Esc fan not working

    Hello everyone! I was wondering if yall could help me out with problem I have I went bashing earlier today and when I landed a ramp my motor fan and my esc fan cut out. I have no clue what it could be. I have a light bar and connected to ever slot and the light bar seemed to light up so could it...
  2. JustOutForARip88

    ESC programmer for older Kraton and Outcast 4s v2 blx models (not the new v2.5)

    Hey guys just a quick question for the longest time the spectrum ESC programmer was only 30 bucks on Amazon here in Canada but now they've bumped it up to over 50 and I know that for what I need it for it's not necessarily feasible at that price at all but I did however just pick up one of the...
  3. Cwatson427

    Flysky gt5 throttle epa question

    Hey guys I just noticed on my flysky gt5 that the throttle ep can go to 120%. Do I set it at 120% to get max speed from my rcs?? I'd assume yes as when you turn it down it lowers the max speed. Kinda confusing why it would go to 120% instead of just keeping it simple and having it cap at 100%...
  4. Deceased

    Kv motor explanation

    Hello everyone! I have some questions about the Kv rating on motors I currently have a Castle Creations Copperhead 10 Brushless ESC / 1412-3200Kv what does the 3200kv even mean? I also want know if I ever wanted to try a different ESC with he same CC motor I have how would I know if it can...
  5. RC-Glenn

    Firma 150A ESC Keeps Re-Initializing

    Hi everyone. I recently bought a dirt-cheap used Notorious v5 (Spektrum electronics). The guy I bought it from says that he buys lots of Amazon returns, and this was in one of those lots. My best guess is that it had about 20-30 hours on it. The guy selling it knew nothing about RC, so he had...
  6. Warby

    Castle XLX2 accessories question

    I'm new to Castle products and have recently bought a new XLX2 and a 1721. I'm a bit confused about what accessories cables etc, I need to program the esc and extract data. There seems to be a few options. Do I only need the Quick Connect Duo? Also can I use a Field Programming Card on a xlx2...
  7. B

    Help a noob out

    Hello, I'm new to the hobby and bought a rtr gorgon kit a couple days ago. It was cool for the first run with the included battery, but after the first charge with the s120 charger it came with, it wouldn't last as long. I checked the light on the esc and the manual says its the lvc. Though I'm...
  8. Daniel026

    ESC problems

    Hi guys, last weekend the boys and i wanted to go for a bash session. Packed with 5 full battery's we went to the location. As soon I turned on the Mojave the counting of cell's where not heard and no throttle.. Only steering. The ESC is blinking 4 times green. Trying to pulling out of the...
  9. makinrc

    Granite Arrma granite problems

    Hello! I just got into rc and bought a used granite it is having a few problems it runs at a very low speed and when you throttle up it stops and you have to try again.if that doesn’t happen it only goes slow and turns the esc off .I’m using the stock battery and a spektrum firma 85a esc and a...
  10. Arrma granite problems

    Arrma granite problems

    Hello! I just got into rc and bought a used granite it is having a few problems it runs at a very low speed and when you throttle up it stops and you have to try again.if that doesn’t happen it only goes slow and turns the esc off . Tha is what happened in the video. I am using the stock battery
  11. makinrc

    Granite Used Arrma granite is having problems, it is able to run very slow but when it picks up speed it stops

    Hello! I bought a used Arrma granite and it is having problems. it is able to run very slow but when it picks up speed it stops. I am using the stock nimh battery. not sure if that would effect it. sometimes I can just pull the throttle and sometimes it goes sometimes it turned off and back on...
  12. Lorentz82

    Vorteks I guess i got a Vorteks 😆

    Pinion mesh was spot on from factory. Wheelaxels bolta were really tight from factory. New Spektrum ESC beeps with lipo count 👍 (Granite esc does not). So everything seems really good out of the box. Now my son with his Granite and my Vorteks will have a blast!
  13. Lorentz82

    Granite No ESC startup beep, lipo counting?

    Hi there :) just got my son a Granite 3S V3. Its an awesome truck but i have som issues right out of the box. We run it with a Spektrum 2S 5000mah 50c battery, also brand new. When powering on there is no lipo count beeping what so ever. All we get is a green led 1 blink, thats it. Also...
  14. Evil Jim

    Changing ESC connector - Outcast 4S v2

    Good day, all - As stated, I'm looking to change the connector on my Outcast/Spektrum to my preferred setup, but was looking to confirm some aspects beforehand. I have no concern for any of the Spektrum "smart" functions...mostly because I'm not going to pay for their proprietary...
  15. J

    Help with Castle monster x 6s esc

    Video of issue and picture of complete setup As seen in the video I'm just driving as normal and then the esc seems to shut off and go through a weird rearming sequence. I've ran 6s on the setup 1 other time with no issues and ran it about 4-5 other times with 4s, no issues. Any idea what might...
  16. Heinz

    Cables above ESC fan

    Hi everyone Is it normal for the battery ESC cable to be positioned over the fan? (see photos). I'm finding that the heat shrink is being battered when bashing. I can't seem to be able to position the cable any other way other than over the fan in order for the shell to fit.
  17. michicrm

    Spektrum Firma 130A

    Hi all, I bought a Firma Spektrum 130a and installed it in my vorteks. I ran a couple of batteries and when I charges my lipos again it said that the cell voltage was barely 3V. I read everywhere that going below 3.2V will kill the batteries. When I looked into the programming of the esc I...
  18. S

    Typhon Questions on ESC plug

    Hi y’all Noobie to Arrma and RC in general. Just got my Typhon 6S and was wondering what this black plug is for? It’s connected to the ESC but doesn’t seem to plug into anything? Just a rogue plug, any ideas? Thanks
  19. B

    Fury Replaced Mega ESC, how to connect to Tactic controller?

    Mega ESC was acting up. Replaced with new one. How do I connect it to the Tactic TTX300 controller?
  20. B

    Kraton MMX8s smoke show

    Burned up my MMX8s tonight in my kraton 6s exb. Running 1717 1650kv and 2 yowoo graphene 4s batteries. It was early in the run, had a couple somewhat hard landings but nothing crazy. My battery disconnected on a landing, when I plugged it back in, the esc beeped 2 or 3 times then gave me a grand...