1. Hoss81

    What upgrade ESC for my 6S kraton?

    Planning on an upgrade ESC for my Kraton 6S. I've been running a quicrun 150a for like 6yrs. ESC works perfectly but could use more BEC voltage/amperage. Thoughts? 1. HW Max6 V3 2. Castle Mamba Monster X 1/6 3. HW Max8 V3 4. Castle Mamba Monster X 1/8 Reistically ill never run 8s in my...
  2. Tara

    what motor do you recommend?

    I am changing out the ESC in my felony to a castle creations 1/6 mamba monster x 8s 33.6v and what motor would you recommend to run with that?
  3. Prisma

    What to do before running new ESC/motor

    I ordered myself a Max 10 Sct and a 3660 3150Kv motor today and I was wondering what should one do before running the ESC/motor to maximize longevity? I really don't want to break it, so is there something I should do before running it? Also do you have any experience with slipper adjustments...
  4. Prisma

    Weak motor Strong ESC

    Can you use a less powerful motor with a more powerful ESC? Like for example a 3652 brushless motor that's for example rated for only 90A with a 120A Max10 SCT? Will it damage the motor or nah?
  5. Prisma

    Granite Inexpensive brushless combo

    Hello everyone, Is there a decent brushless combo suitable for the granite 4x4 under $100? I've yet to find such one. The max 10 60A is more like $150 where I come from, so idk whether or not it's worth it. Any advice appreciated
  6. Prisma

    Granite Hobbywing 1060 WP

    I've been looking for a replacement ESC for my V3 Granite and I've found this Hobbywing system with almost twice the current of the mega ESC. My questions are: 1. How do you think the power will compare to the stock electronics? 2. Will the stock motor cut it or should I get something...
  7. Prisma

    Granite Replacement ESC

    Alright so, about a month ago, my Granite Mega ESC burst into flames after a month of use. I've been advised by many other forum members to try to get warranty on it. I did and they said they would fix it, but a month later, they refused to do anything about it. So now I'm back on square one...
  8. D

    Granite Arrma Granite broke after 4 weeks - 2yr warranty worthless?

    Hi guys I’m from the UK, I looked about at RC cars this Christmas for myself and my two sons to start enjoying a new hobby together. After going to buy a Quantum flux MT, I was advised by our local shop to choose the more expensive...
  9. felony4free

    Long lasting Esc, servo and motor upgrades

    For about 2 months now I’ve owned a Arrma Felony and a Typhon, I don’t do much speed runs just bashing. Drifting and such, I burned up my servo in the Typhon within the first week but just in the last few days both cars Esc has died on me, both servos including the one I bought (savox as-1231sg)...
  10. RC617

    Kraton ESC (question/confusion) - Ideal LVC for Kraton 6s V5

    Background: So I'm still very new to RC cars and I have been looking into what is the target battery voltage when removed from my RC (Kraton 6S V5), after LVC is reached. From the few runs I have under my belt batteries measure at ~3.8##V. From looking online it looks like 3.7V is maybe the...
  11. wmhouse22

    ESC... what are the differences?

    I have a stock granite 4x4 blx 3s. Is the ESC that comes on it “good”? Are there better ones? What would be the advantage/if any to upgrading it? thanks!
  12. RC617

    Kraton Kraton 6s V5 ESC cooling fan programming port question

    Sorry in advance for the very elementary question but I'm extremely new to RC's. I just bought a very lightly used Kraton 6S V5 yesterday, which is my first RC car. The previous owner had a motor cooling fan installed which I removed as currently I don't need it. That being said it's unclear...
  13. Tonyg80

    Notorious ESC keeps resetting

    When I turn on my Notorious 6s v5 it does not go through the process that it used to do on the ESC. It is pretty much dead until I turn the wheels then it starts to reset and continues to reset I've tried resting to factor programming but it doesn't let me . I have done everything that the...
  14. PrIsOnRiOt414

    A little help please. Castle Sidwinder 8th ESC w 2200kv motor Reprogram

    So yes you read the headline. I got a castle sidewinder 8th esc and 2200kv motor w a 20t pinion on a kraton exb 6s. I programed the esc the first time i turned it on. But I want to change the settings. How do I reset to factory default with the transmitter? Everyone on youtube I found just shows...
  15. M

    Notorious Biggest motor and esc for notorious

    Hello everyone, I’m new to rc and new here so forgive me if my question are dumb. I have a notorious blx 6s and I’m wanting to put the biggest Posable motor and esc in it I can. Can anyone tell me what my options are and if they can help with what parts I need to complete this project as well it...
  16. A

    Limitless motor and esc selection

    I am new to the arrma platform and recently got a limitless. I am trying to figure out what motor I want to run. I would like to make it capable of 8s and high speeds but I also want to be able to bash it and not worry too much about temps running 6s. I was thinking a max 5 esc and a tp 5660...
  17. T

    Senton Senton 4x4 Mega - New, LED flash after 10 sec

    Bought a new Senton 4x4 Mega for my grandson for Christmas a few weeks ago. I charged the battery when I got it home. Powered it on just to make sure it worked and ran it for a few secs before I wrapped it up under the tree. Today he opened his gift and we took it outside for a drive. Our...
  18. Yas

    Firmware updating Hobbywing & Spektrum ESCs

    Hi there all, I'm thinking of investing in a program box (or two) to update my current and maybe future Hobbywing and Spektrum ESCs. More gizmos for me to play with ? The Hobbywing ESCs I currently have are all EZRUN and are the Max6, Max10 and Max10 SCT. I also have the rebranded BLX185 and...
  19. Ozeki

    3S users... what punch and brake settings do you use?

    Just curious what everybody sets their 3S ESC to. I run my Senton and Granite both on Punch 4 with 75% brake. How about you?
  20. Ozeki

    Senton 3S ESC/throttle issue

    I have a problem with my Senton 3S BLX. My previous ESC stopped working. I waited about 2 weeks and received a new one. I connected everything properly, bound successfully to my transmitter, and set the throttle according to the instructions. I now have steering but no forward or reverse. When...