Nero driving forward at reverse speed

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Just got a new Nero 6s green. Took it out of the box and did the ESC setup. It turns out my truck drives forward with the reverse speed and goes like a bad out of hell on reverse.....
I tried resetting the controller to reverse the thrust controls but nothing has helped.
Has anyone experienced anything similar and how would you fix it.

Check the settings in the ESC. In the manual is an description how to do. Page 23 I guess.
Setting 2 seams to be wrong.
If theses setting is correct, check the cables from the eSC to the motor.If the colors are OK, just switch two of these cables.
Dosen´t matter which ones.....

Lonee!!!!!!Thank you for your advice, it worked perfectly. It's now going forwards like it should.....Fast!!!!!!
I ended up having to switch the yellow and blue wires, that did it, once that was done i did another ESC set up as reverse trigger was forward and voila....Problem solved. Thx again

I just played with the Nero 6s after reversing the yellow and blue. It seemed to do OK but seems to overheat quickly at high speeds. Could it be the wrong wire that i switched or is it my batteries. I'm running NIMH 3000. Has anyone experienced quick overheating problems?
Hm, no I do not have any problems with overheating yet.
We all not. (4 times Nero from BR, blue and green) and we all running LiPo.
From 2s 5300mA up to 3s 5300mA. Not issues on all cars.
Whats up with you're drive train? It is running smooth?
Which pinion gear do you running? Do you run offroad or street?..
Anyway, I think that an NiMh with 3000mA will getting very hot because of the power of the motor.
Arrma suggest an battery which will have around 200A.......

Maybe you have the chance to borrow two 2S 5500mA LiPos and try, you will wonder....
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