Ordered my Motor now to wait for

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Leopard motors have a weakness though,unless they've modified the design. You have to keep your motor temps low,as the rotor has a habit of unglueing itself at around 139 degreesF.
Going to be putting it in the 2wd Raider Mega btw by combi your reffering to a Volkswagen or what i don't what combi means lol
Sorry Albert,I should have said combo,which means a combination of both esc& motor. Be careful not to overgear the motor though as this combo is really meant for on-road cars and not off-road,according to the site's FAQ's.
@Dreadstar is right about the temps at 139 they unglue or whatever jang reviewed it and that happened to him... Just gear it so it doesn't get to that high of a temperature
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