SPC batteries now closed.....

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Tom posted this over on URC -

The first part was in response to someone saying they were getting charged extra at the PO to ship Lipos...

tom said:
You do NOT have to pay extra at the post office to ship your RC LiPo packs. As long as the shipment destination is within the US and you place the following warning on the label side of the shipping box, it is legal and good to go: "Contains Lithium-Ion battery, no Lithium metal".

Overall our decision to stop selling RC LiPo battery packs was a very difficult one to make. Sales for the past three years have been great, with this year looking to exceed all others. But as noted on our website, new and pending federal regulations has added considerable stress to doing business. Also, a person gets to a point in their life where personal issues take priority; such as elderly parents and the health of my wife and myself. My wife just recently had surgery on her hand and I am scheduled to have surgery on my right foot in two weeks. It is difficult to keep up with filling orders, especially as the holidays near, when personal surgeries and other even more serious health issues are involved. And believe it or not, some people could care less about your health, they just want their toy car battery pack shipped; which again can be very stressful.

Thank you everyone for all the support throughout the years. Overall it has been an enjoyable 15 years of RC battery sales. We will be continue to be involved in RC and racing on a personal level and on this forum as a general member. For now SPC is moving on to air rifle tuning and competitions, where the pace will be more suitable to our changing life style. Watch this blog in the near future for a write-up on our air rifle work: http://www.pyramydair.com/blog/

Thank you all again!

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