Spektrum 160a Esc Wont turn on

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IC5 and EC5 connectors seem to work mix good together atleast for me.

XT90 to EC5/IC5 well maybe on 6S power, I melted together both connectors with ESC XT90 to 2 4S batteries EC5 on a run with 7000mah 80c Outcast 8s exb 800kv hobbywing Max5 39:39 hard/high speed amp draw.

Deans seem to have a rating of 60 amps, its to low to be safe with 6s and 8s under all circumstances, its just a bad idea on anything above 4S that draws massive amounts of amps like @SrC said.
I was using The Original Legit Deans plugs 30+ years ago. It was the best at the time that the Pro racers used. But there was NO Lipo tech. back then. And Only Brushed ESC's, motors and Nim/Nicad packs. Racing only 7.2 volts at that.
>>>The Deans Patent expired some years ago, and now what you see today are not even legit Deans. Just very cheap Knock off generic copies at that (often called T-Plugs to Avoid using the Deans Name), and are just Not good for ANY Lipo setups these days, IMHO.
T-Plugs are horrible with any BLX setup, no matter the volts you are using. Been there.
They equate, spec. amp wise, to running the smaller XT60's, which are way better for smaller 2s 7.4 Lipo packs. What the Drone/Quad RC crowd run these days. :cool:
Not sure if I understood you.....>>>> Never plug EC/IC 5's with XT90's. They are NOT a match at all...... Looking for big trouble if you do.
>>>For charging purposes connecting to a charger, you may get away with that. Just never when running your rig. ESC and Lipo must have the Same Connector whatever they are , EC's or XT's
They look like a fit to each other. But surely are NOT!!:cool:
EC's and IC's are perfect match. Work together as intended.
Agree my XT90 to EC5 adventure didnt end well with the melted connectors when I went from 75% performance limit to max performance 100% MAX5 39:39 kV800 8S so nothing you should use.

But yes for charging its completly fine, infact I have XT90 on SkyRC 400 watt duo charger charging both channels at 11 amps, works good and easy to pull loose.

XT90 and EC/IC5's have different bullet sizes. and the spacing of the bullet's polarities for both don't even match. And just "appear" to be a perfect fit. The are actually too loose to each as well. If you bash with them , they can disconnect rather easily. Loss of RC control is almost guarranteed. (n)(n)Been there. There will be excessive Resistance when mating these 2 diff. types of connectors together under high running Loads.
I find that EC/IC's will melt more easily than XT's will, i.e. when soldering or the connectors fail during use. The XT 90's are quite easy to solder up, by comparison and the 100% Nylon of the XT's wont melt as easily when you do. Also XT90's are re-solderable, where XT's are one use. Performance wise, they are pretty much the same, and comparable. Some may split hairs and argue this either way.
IC/EC's cost way more than Legit Amass brand XT's. XT's are actually way more popular, across many other types of Lipo powered products. Like E bikes, E-scooters and such.
IC/EC's are a HH owned patent. That's why you see them on all HH RC products. So, many prefer to stay with them out of convenience.

>>>If running 8s setups, I would rather jump to QS8 connectors without hesitation. :cool:

Thers is much RC Misinformation when searching the interweb, regarding how IC's and XT's are ok to use with each other. They are not. Be aware of this.
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Does someone have an idea how to reset the esc?
Sure. Unplug batteries and then plug in batteries. I’m not sure there’s a way to do some kind of hard reset, if that’s what you’re after.

I’ll say it again, the symptoms make it seem like a problem with your 3S batteries. And if that isn’t it, then your ESC is likely defective.