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So today was first run on the fury, popped a shock cap... great... but 2-3 times my car stalled with a clicking sound, but came back to life, I don't know if this is a serious issue. but I was playing with it for about 2 hours and I don't think it was an issue. I ran it full speed up and down the street. It was more like at the start of the first run and in the middle somewhere, it would click and jolt/ not really move
Click, then a beep right? Like the ESC was resetting itself? If so, that's exactly what happened to me at first with my Talion BLX. Then it wouldn't start unless I jolted it. Then... the ESC completely failed. :(

Full story here, if you haven't already read it.
I think this is an ESC fail, there were also some type of this issue in Germany, in most of the cases ESC fail....
no beep or reset, haven't heard of this problem yet
it sounded like it was trying to move, I clicked gas sounded like "cluk" multiple times, lol a car was waiting for it.... so I pulled it in on to the curb, the it ran fine, no beeps just clicking

I'm pretty sure it didn't restart, the first time it happened maybe like 5 seconds, the second time it just was clicking for 2 seconds and then ran fine it was when I can to a full stop
(the second time was right near me, close to my feet)
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That sounds you are hearing is called "cogging" it was explained to me that it's like a car trying to run but doesn't know what cylinder to fire. Your motor is sensorless, a sensors motor won't do that BC it will know which side of the motor to fire to get it moving.. So its basically the timing of the motor.. I noticed a dead battery will do it more often that a charged one..
So I don't need to be worried about this right? I have heard of cogging, but never really knew what it meant, thank you for explaining it to me:)

@Drewski Since you have the BLX model as well has this happened to you by any chance?
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@justatree.. yes I have had it happen to me and I had it start to happen every time I pull the throttle fully from a dead stop. Then the esc would go into low voltage mode and my battery was charged. If I would ignore the problem and just turn the truck off then back on the problem only got worse. So I contacted ARRMA and sent my esc and motor in, they sent me bran new ones and haven't had a problem again. I picked up a castle creations set up to keep me going while my parts were in lingo..
I run mine on nimh, but I will look at this more, and if this occurs more often I will call arrma. Is cogging a big deal though? Is it like a defect?
I noticed when it did it often, when I went to unplug the battery the wires were warm. Whitch made me assume something was drawing way to many amps and wasn't going anywhere..
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