Steering Duel Rate

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Could someone educate me when I would need this? Also, my Fazon did not come with a turnbuckle wrench, do I not need to make adjustments with the front wheels? I do notice that one wheel is pointed out more than in toward the vehicle.

Dual rate adjusts the travel that both the left and right directions can steer. For racing it's very useful. When I used to race onroad nitro, sometimes the track would have so much traction I had to turn down the dual rate, limiting my steering throws, but getting me around the track quicker. If you're bashing with your truck, I'd start with the maximum steering throw, run it, and adjust from there if necessary.

Regarding your wheel pointing direction, grab a set of calipers and check to ensure the turnbuckle lengths are symmetric between the left and right side. This goes for steering links, lever pushrods, and even shock rod lengths depending on how OCD you are (I am). Once you've done that, very likely you only need to trim the steering so that it is centered. It is a dial on your radio. I recommend starting with 0deg toe for the steering wheels (both wheels pointing straight ahead) and adjusting from there. Most of the guys on this board are probably running slight toe out in the front wheels (both wheels pointing slightly outward).
Hi Dalejr88,

Don't run full steering dual rate with out checking for binding. If your wheels stop moving before your controller is at full lock then you can damage your servo. Turn the dual rate down until the wheels stop moving at the same time as the controller is at full lock. Then that is the max dual rate you should run, You can then turn it down to do speed runs or slow down the steering to make the car more controlable depending on where you're driving.

Hope this makes sense, if not search for a vid utube, there's lots of stuff there showing how to do it.
Good catch King_D. The above explanation assumes the end points are set such that no binding occurs.
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