SOLD / FOUND TLR typhon w all the fixins

Such a badass on the track on 4s! Was very pleased. Someone buy this so I can buy a TLR Truggy lol
I got a job but the pay is so so. I am waiting to hear about another job that is so so so much more! If I get that one I will scoop this up in celebration. 😆
Fingers crossed!! I’ll sure miss this one when she’s gone
Better hurry... I just landed a great job. It will be a while before I see the money still but if this is still available when I do, I'm on it!
Was literally just about to strip it down for the servo, esc, rx, motor!! Someone buy this!! Lol
Stripped her down to a roller. Gonna part out. I’ll make a new thread.
Still 4 sale? Will 2- 3s batts fit in the truck?
Yep. Sure is and I’ve run my 6500 120c 6s brick so I don’t see why 2x 3s wouldn’t fit like a glove