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Hey everyone!!

I am currently looking into upgrading my BLS Granite motor. She runs in all conditions so a waterproof setup is needed. I have no issues with the stock 80A ESC and want to keep it if its compatible.I want more power at a reasonable cost. I was thinking the Velineon or Trinity TrakZilla..........Any thoughts?
Are you sure you are talking about the BLS? This one had only a 2S maximum 40A brushless controller.

The Traxxas Velineon motor needs an 80 amp controller.
And compared to the BLX 1/10 Arrma esc. motor combo it will not bring you anything more.

And if you want to upgrade both the BLS esc. and motor it is advisable to upgrade the gears and diff to the BLX metal version
You are probably right. The rep said it was an 80. I don't know for sure. I did have the BLX diff in mind.
Had a mega Upgraded to 120a sensorless esc and 38kv non sensored 4pole (like blx) on 3s and have not needed any upgrade for the trans. Or diff. Just saying

The traxxas t and emaxx which both are heavier and more powerfull use simmilar plastic of 32p gears in their transmissions

I can suggest just getting a 120a esc and 3800kv 4 pole like me, just baby it at first so you don't tear it apart... the transmission is pretty strobg for the amount of abuse i give it
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