Kraton Xt-90 vs castle creations

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Arrma RC's
Since arrma is going to replace my blx 180 with the 185 they advised me to keep the xt-90 connectors on it. From my understanding that are a 4.5mm and can handle 90 amps? The connectors I have now are the castle creations 6.5mm and can handle 200amps. Arrma I'd willing to send me enough xt-90 ends to switch over all my battery packs what's everyone experience with the xt-90s and the blx 185
I ended up ordering XT-90-S anti spark connector. I like them, they solder up real nice. Getting that big arc when hooking up a 6S is no good. Are the Castle connectors anti spark ? I rather have a good anti spark than anything. As far as the amp rating goes....the XT-90 is plenty.
I don't believe they are but I haven't had any sparking plugging them in I'll take a look at those connectors tho
Mine were ruining the connector pins....I would plug in my 6S and hear a pop. Then see a nice burn mark on the edge of the bullet connector. The XT-90-S are a little costly. Castle may be anti spark ???
I'm the same boat....just got a replacement BLX 185.

My Kraton is still using the BLX 180, so i had my shop make me an adapter to run Deans plug lipos on the XT90 ESC

I didn't want to hack up my new ESC cables.

In the process of upgrading lipos and will go XT90 for any new ones.
Ive read the xt90's are actually way under rated and likely closer to 150 amps. I would believe any 4s to 6s battery should and would be fine with XT90 anti spark connectors. Presuming you were running an 8s or larger setup unless it is two battery combinations i wouldnt bother going larger. In a single battery combination well then id consider castle. Keep in mind you are splitting the load between batteries. If you decide your kraton or typhon is going big 7s or higher single battery than youre not using arrma hardware anyways. I have two 1/5 scale setups splitting batteries in series using xt90 connectors so i can also use the batteries in my arrma trucks and buggy without buying more batteries. I have too many batteries already and split connectors between arrma and traxxas so as not to void warranties. Hobbico specifically told me modifying the bxl185 in any way voids the warranty and that includes cap packs. Something to consider. If you update to anyi spark xt90 and solder nicely my guess is they wont hassle you at all or notice. Other thing to consider if you must change them is to change it back prior to sending in for warranty and do a nice job. Cheers.
I would think they are fine but I no longer bother with them. I just find XT-90 easier to work with but harder to get locally. Deans are still everywhere. The huge wires that come on batteries are easier to solder to a XT connector. If you already got them on there.....why bother messing with it. Unless they are getting hot or something.

I can't solder Deans to big wires very well. I burn the heck out of them.
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i like my castle creation plugs they seem to do very well and haven't had any problems with them yet i have melted an xt-90 with the stock esc not sure what happened so anything i get battery wise i get them now i haven't noticed any spark while plugging them but i no longer have the stock esc
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