Limitless Castle 2028 1700kv Limitless V2 with stock motor mount

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Wanted to shed some light on this subject and maybe help someone down the road. Incase your wondering you can fit a castle 2028 with the stock motor mount. You only need to purchase ARA320722 for 56mm motors. I couldn't find anything when I searched on here (maybe I didn't look hard enough). It's a tight fit length wise but will clear the steering bell crank by about 1mm. See pictures. Hope this helps someone that thinks they have purchase an aftermarket one.




Would this motor mount work on an infraction to run the 2028?
Not with the mount in the stock configuration (the mount on the Lim v2 is positioned further back than on the Infraction). To run larger motors in the Infraction you need to flip the motor mount around so that the motor is on the right side of the chassis (there are holes pre-drilled in the chassis).
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