1/5th scale

  1. $200 dent

    $200 dent

    Scratch and Dent 8s Outcast EXB box that knocked 200 dollars off the price.
  2. I_Am_Doug

    PSA - You can "lock in" your hex hub pins with a set screw already in the drive shaft sleeve!

    Nothing is worse than taking off a tire to only hear the "tick tick" and rolling sound of a hex hub pin making its great escape to the floor. I know this as I have had it happen to me more than I care to admit. Well, I am here today to tell you you can lock that little SOB in with a set screw...
  3. Trey Wood

    Outcast Arrma Outcast 8s EXB with JConcepts Magma’s

    Not sure if anyone else has tried this wheel and tire combo yet, I know people have been sort of turned off by the sheer weight of them. But if you’re a basher and want a good grass tire that bites I don’t think there’s anything like it. Depending on what gearing/power system you’re running you...
  4. A

    Outcast Outcast 1/5 Scale EXB Build

    Saw some budget oriented builds and have been using it to plan my build, so far I have a list compiled to hopefully get it ready to slap some batteries in and rip. Here’s what I have so far: Hobbywing Max 5 with their 800kv motor M2C Bell Crank kit once it’s back in stock Primal Raminator Servo...
  5. Frumba57

    Outcast RPM A-Arms big flex

    Just took my O8S for an epic jump. Cleared the first time. Then when it was time to record…20ft tumble. RPM arm shows extreme flex on impact. But remains in tact to drive another day.💯 Dogbone is fried. 😂
  6. Jon3045

    1/5 kraton exb v2?

    I’ve had my eye on the kraton exb for a while now and wasn’t able to buy during the Black Friday sale. Should I go ahead and buy one or wait for the possibility of arrma releasing a v2? I don’t want to buy one and then arrma release a v2 3 months later which has happened to several people I know.
  7. MrWednesday

    Steering slop Outcast 8s EXB

    FEEL FREE TO POINT OUT WHERE IM WASTING MY MONEY… At first, I attributed the sloppy steering to a weak servo and was advised to get a servo closer to 50kg, so naturally I upgraded to a 65kg servo, but there’s still a lot of unacceptable slop ao I thought maybe if I up the voltage to 7.4 (Max 5...
  8. MrWednesday

    Outcast Outcast 8s fan/cooling MacGyver solution

    My super cooling battery powered air duster, with additional power bank strapped in with right side battery. Mega cooling power at 60000pa… $30 on Amazon.ca link below 6000Pa Vacuum Duster for Home and Car Cleaning Gel(Black) https://www.amazon.ca/dp/B08BJ67ZM6
  9. .AJ.

    Kraton AJ’s Kraton 8s EXB Build

    Had this delivered yesterday The plan is run a Leopard 58113 v2 1050kv with a Leopard BL5 ESC, steering wise I’ll be fitting a Power HD WH-80KG, I’m just waiting for these to arrive Also I’ve got a Radical RC bash bar and M2C esc mounting plate for the build Ill update the thread when...
  10. TN-RC

    SOLD / FOUND Kraton 8S EXB parts and Granite Bumper wheelie bar

    Granite front and rear bumpers and wheelie bar. ARA320613 ARA320605 ARAC3444 ARA320609 ARAC9260 $21+shipping Arrma 1/5 Kraton EXB Parts "New" For all of the parts it is the price + shipping. (I'll pay PayPal fee) If you don't see what you need just ask, not all my 1/5 parts are listed...
  11. kyoto

    PPS Grublock Mount W/ Spektrum 780KV Brushless motor

    Considering upgrading my Mojave to 8S with a 1/5 scale motor. Looking at the Grublock motor mount from PPS to mount the motor but the website doesn't directly say if it can support 1/5 motors and horizon hobby only provides the outer diameter of the motor. Anyone knows if it can?
  12. DistyKing90

    Kraton 8S EXB 1/5 Scale (First build)

    As some of you may know I just purchased my new 1/5 scale EXB Kraton Roller yesterday and I will be carrying the build out with you all here in this thread. I feel that I have exhausted my research to an extent of feeling somewhat confident in the choices for the electronics/motor etc and am...
  13. TN-RC

    SOLD / FOUND Kraton EXB 1/5 Parts *Price drop*

    Arrma 1/5 Kraton EXB Parts "New" For all of the parts it is the price + shipping. (I'll pay PayPal fee) If you don't see what you need just ask, not all my 1/5 parts are listed. (Yes, these photos are from Jennys and yes, my price is the same or more, but a lot is out of stock (on Jennys) and...
  14. bitchintalion88

    Need Kraton 8s servo replacement

    Brand new Kraton 8s ran five times and now the steering only turns right and is incredibly weak. What servos are the best that’ll fit in this beast? What do u guys use and what’s the model #s and brand? Really disappointed that this $1500 price tag out the door with batteries has already failed.
  15. Furious Ferret

    Typhon Typhon 1/5 build

    What would be the best car for Arrma to make? In my opinion an 1/5 Typhon! :cool: Alas Arrma hasn't made one (yet ;))... To get my dream car I have to build it myself. Hopefully it can be a simple build and this tread can be a how-to guide to build one. First the math. What makes a 1/5 car...
  16. BLX Matt

    KRATON EXB 1/5 scale

    It here large scale Kraton exb!!!!!!!
  17. jlorenzen

    1/5 Outcast 8S

    So this is a thing now. What do you guys think? https://www.horizonhobby.com/product/horizon-hobby-best-brands/arrma-brand/arrma-brand/1-5-outcast-4x4-8s-blx-stunt-truck--ara5810
  18. JMS RC

    ARRMA Kraton 8S, what a beast

    What a beast, absolutely love it :)
  19. WoodiE

    Arrma Kraton 8s

    It's finally here, the new ARRMA Kraton 8s 1/5th scale monster truck and it looks pretty darn cool! Coming in at nearly 30 inches long, more than 23 inches wide, and 24 pounds the new Kraton 8S is powered by a Spektrum Firma Smart 160a 8s ESC and a Spektrum 1250Kv 4985 brushless motor capable...
  20. TheLectrician

    Kraton 1/5 kraton

    So i figure if we hound them long enough they'll give us whst we want. I wanna see a 5th kraton and 5th outcast and i know theres got to be others that would be into this. The kings of bashing... 5TH SCALE. how bad to the ass would that be. Com'on guys lets get this going!