1/5th scale

  1. bitchintalion88

    Need Kraton 8s servo replacement

    Brand new Kraton 8s ran five times and now the steering only turns right and is incredibly weak. What servos are the best that’ll fit in this beast? What do u guys use and what’s the model #s and brand? Really disappointed that this $1500 price tag out the door with batteries has already failed.
  2. Furious Ferret

    Typhon Typhon 1/5 build

    What would be the best car for Arrma to make? In my opinion an 1/5 Typhon! :cool: Alas Arrma hasn't made one (yet ;))... To get my dream car I have to build it myself. Hopefully it can be a simple build and this tread can be a how-to guide to build one. First the math. What makes a 1/5 car...
  3. BLX Matt

    KRATON EXB 1/5 scale

    It here large scale Kraton exb!!!!!!!
  4. jlorenzen

    1/5 Outcast 8S

    So this is a thing now. What do you guys think? https://www.horizonhobby.com/product/horizon-hobby-best-brands/arrma-brand/arrma-brand/1-5-outcast-4x4-8s-blx-stunt-truck--ara5810
  5. servalac

    ARRMA Kraton 8S, what a beast

    What a beast, absolutely love it :)
  6. WoodiE

    Arrma Kraton 8s

    It's finally here, the new ARRMA Kraton 8s 1/5th scale monster truck and it looks pretty darn cool! Coming in at nearly 30 inches long, more than 23 inches wide, and 24 pounds the new Kraton 8S is powered by a Spektrum Firma Smart 160a 8s ESC and a Spektrum 1250Kv 4985 brushless motor capable...
  7. TheLectrician

    Kraton 1/5 kraton

    So i figure if we hound them long enough they'll give us whst we want. I wanna see a 5th kraton and 5th outcast and i know theres got to be others that would be into this. The kings of bashing... 5TH SCALE. how bad to the ass would that be. Com'on guys lets get this going!