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    DIY chassis strengthening and protection.
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    DIY chassis strengthening and protection.
  3. Granite voltage 2wd blx overhaul... 😀

    Granite voltage 2wd blx overhaul... 😀

  4. hoonigan

    Infraction Is the Arrma Infraction and Limitless the same chassis?

    Hello Guys Im little bit tired. Been Painting My House. Also changed Brake Rotors and Pads in two of my real 1/1 cars. Got some Paintjob left. I need take a Break soon, just enjoy life. Drive alot RC cars couple days. To my Question: Is the Limitless and Infraction same Chassie? What i...
  5. J

    Talion Chassis braces

    Hi, Does anyone know where I can get some steel chassis braces for my talion v4? I can't find any and want to get some so I can continue to use the T2T brace without fear of bending the chassis...
  6. W

    Senton Out of the box upgrades for Senton 6S BLX

    Hey All - 1st time ARRMA owner as of today! All the videos and pictures I've seen online couldn't prepare me for what a beast this thing is! So solid and insanely quick. Going to have so much fun with this thing. That being said, what are some suggested upgrades/mods that you guys would...
  7. ThatDrewGuy

    Kraton 3D Chassis brace

    So there is a few different 3d printer files for Arrma's out there. I really needed a chassis brace after bending my chassis in half. I found one file for the Talion stock shock towers. Well The Kraton needed the brace. So figuring that they are close, but not the same, wanted to see how they...
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  9. Jacobvanemmerik

    Outcast Chassis protector needed or not?

    I have my outcast a few weeks now and i love it, but noticed a few big scratches on the chassis plate. Saw some awesome chassis protector's on the forum. Do you need it or do most of you guys run it without?
  10. C

    Issues with T-Bone Racing...

    Hi there, So I purchased the Thin Chassis Skid w/Vinyl Overlay for my Arrma Kraton, you can see the product here. But the item that I received is defective and wont fit my Kraton because of that. It's supposed to look like that But the one I got is missing the 2 holes needed to fit the Kraton...
  11. N

    Which screws I need to attach the aluminum side plates?

    Hi, Can you please tell me which screws I need to attach the aluminum side plates Arrma Part AR320200 to Fury chassis? Thanks, Nick
  12. [Carbon Fiber Chassis Protector] Arrma Senton 6s BLX

    [Carbon Fiber Chassis Protector] Arrma Senton 6s BLX

    Carbon Fiber Chassis Protector.
  13. Reubydoobe

    Talion Bent chassis

    Anyone know how the best way to straighten them is and Could i warranty claim it.
  14. servalac

    Outcast Front Dirt Guards Talion V3

    Hello, has anyone successfully installed the Outcast Front Dirt Guards AR320376 on the Talion V3 ? The bodyposts are in the way and the height of the dirt guards is just to high to fit the body in the stock position. Modify bodypost and cut down the height ?
  15. Senton 66

    Powder coat chassis

    I had a buddy at work powder coat a lwb and a swb chassis...what do you guys think?
  16. J

    Talion Carbon fiber chassis for Talion ?

    Want to lighten the Arrma Talion chassis for drag, are there any carbon fiber chassis options out there?
  17. Slogrits

    Kraton Kraton chassis

    Warped my chassis this weekend. I ordered the @Voltage Hobbies rear brace hope it helps. I hit a rock coming off a hill and it hit right where the chassis tapers. Not a bi jump 10in high on to a large rock that was out of my view. Is there any chassis upgrades ,while I’m looking, that would...
  18. cordell12

    Kraton V1 to Talion V3 Chassis Build Log

    Today I will begin the changing of my Kraton v1 chassis to a Talion v3 chassis. The project began in this thread HERE and rather than leave it buried in that thread I figured I'd create a build thread in case other want to do the same. The battery/motor/esc have moved towards the rear in the v3...
  19. Lee Boyce

    Kraton Chassis Brace

    Check this out, I'm going to get one of these from Markhor RC Design perfect chassis front to back Brace
  20. gooi

    Kraton Chassis bend

    Hi Folks It would appear that these kraron chassis will bend. My chassis has curved around mostly at the rear and i must point out significantly between the plastic braces. I have been thinkig of doing something custom to fix it but it seems as though the simple aluminum brace with cable ties...