1. ThatGuyRC

    Senton Follow up on the Senton Chassis

    I couldn’t wait. Got the new chassis in the mail, along with new driveshaft, bumper and tires. I also added lights, 4 front & 4 rear, I’m sure they will get broken up on the first bash but they look good for now :)
  2. ThatGuyRC

    Senton Uhh so this happened on my speedrun tonight.

    So tonight after work I decided to take my new Senton out for a little tuning & fun. I just put a new 35kg High Torque Servo on Just a few hours ago and wanted to get everything tuned right and going straight. I gave it the juice a couple times & everything seemed good! Not sure if it was me or...
  3. S

    Typhon 1/10 Armor plating

    Hi guys Want to get a some underbody protection for the Typhon 6S as it’s hella scuffed. Does anyone know if this will fit?
  4. 20211218_190455.jpg


    Chassis Swap
  5. KAITvsk Racing

    Roll Center. 1/8 Buggy

    Hello! How to configure 1/8 Buggy roll center? When cornering on the track, one side of the car tilts too much and driving is uncomfortable. The text continues after the image Youtubes have a lot of videos on it, but I haven't received a good answer what to configure if such a thing is? I...
  6. FH-RC

    Granite Chassis slap and plush shock setup

    Hello everyone, I would like to ask you guys on your shock setup and how plush you have set your Granites/Big Rocks suspension for big air? Or in other words: From what heigth can you drop your vehicles before you get chassis slap? My own setup: I run my Granite with the ZD Racing shocks...
  7. F

    Bent chassis - talion

    Hi, I have recently crashed my talion and the chassis is pretty bent. Will I be okay driving with that or should I buy a new one?
  8. derpescado

    Kraton EXB Scorched Parts Chassis

    Hi Everyone I bought a Scorched Parts titanium chassis for my Kraton EXB. After I replaced my original chassis I noticed that the rear arms hit the chassis at parallel to the ground and that the chassis is not hitting the droop screws anymore. Does anyone has such a chassis and can confirm...
  9. R

    Review of SWB Bulletproof Chassis 1/4 thick - Notorious

    I recently purchased the 1/4 Bulletproof chassis: Short story: new to the RC hobby, really mangled my Notorious on the first...
  10. jfox00

    Granite Arrama Granite 3s BLX chassis Replacement Question

    Hi team - First post! I was showing my son how to do a double backflip with his truck off a homemade jump...and the truck literally snapped in half. He was so glad I did it, and not him, because he's responsible for partial payment for parts he breaks :-). Keeps him from driving it too...
  11. 4x4 BLX chassis braces!

    4x4 BLX chassis braces!

    Completely official fix for cracking the chassis at the centre ?
  12. 4x4 BLX chassis braces!

    4x4 BLX chassis braces!

    Completely official fix for cracking the chassis at the centre ?
  13. E

    Granite BLX 4x4 V3 brushless chassis

    Hey guys, I’m going through chassis over here like crazy and it’s getting quite annoying. Anyone know of a better chassis to get or some sort of bracing to make it stronger? First time snapped chassis in half in the center, next time front left near where steering block attatches this time the...
  14. Notorious Turner

    Screw loose...

    Not refering to our wonderful members at all....? Chassis screws falling out of plastic housings. It happens to us all. What are peoples solutions to prevent this. I have heard some use a blob of superglue to hold them in place but what is your recommendation?
  15. M

    Inward bow on M2C Goliath Outcast 6s chassis

    Hey guys. I was wondering if this slight inward bow on the center is M2C Goliath chassis is supposed to be there or if it is from jumping. I only took it out one time...I emailed M2C and they said it’s hard to tell but it nothing to be concerned about. I’m fine with that but was just wondering...
  16. 20190807_102938.jpg


    DIY chassis strengthening and protection.
  17. 20190807_102945.jpg


    DIY chassis strengthening and protection.
  18. Granite voltage 2wd blx overhaul... ?

    Granite voltage 2wd blx overhaul... ?

  19. hoonigan

    Infraction Is the Arrma Infraction and Limitless the same chassis?

    Hello Guys Im little bit tired. Been Painting My House. Also changed Brake Rotors and Pads in two of my real 1/1 cars. Got some Paintjob left. I need take a Break soon, just enjoy life. Drive alot RC cars couple days. To my Question: Is the Limitless and Infraction same Chassie? What i...
  20. J

    Talion Chassis braces

    Hi, Does anyone know where I can get some steel chassis braces for my talion v4? I can't find any and want to get some so I can continue to use the T2T brace without fear of bending the chassis...