1. J

    Kraton pinion gear

    I know it say u will over heat ur motor and/or ESC for using the extra pinion gear. but my friend is using his for bashing on 3-4-6s and hasn't had anything wrong with his motor or ESC. Been over 15 runs with it. Will it actually effect his rc anytime and anyone recommend it? I'm thinking of...
  2. Rcboi96

    What is the stock Talion pinion gear?

    Hi, quick question, just wanted to know what pinion gear is already installed in the Talion right out of the box?
  3. BFH

    Mega/BLS plastic gears to BLX metal

    Has anybody done the conversion to a metal gear transmission with blx parts? Does anything cross over? Will the mega case work with metal gears? Will any of the bearings? Any parts list floating around that anyone has put together? I have put together a list of what I think it would take to...
  4. N


    so when i change out my engine yesterday to a fireball from hpi, my buddy that gave it to me also gave me a 23 gear, It seems to be running great, smooth quick take off. Is there any consequences for upgrading only that gear?