1. Jamart85

    Hobbystar vs Leopard motor

    I'm short one motor for one of my rc cars. Gonna switch around some motors and will need one for my KEXB. Having a Max8 installed, i narrowed it to three motors: Hobbystar 4282 1600kv 130amp Leopard 4282 1680kv 100amp Leopard 4282 2000kv 110amp Right now I have a blx2050kv with the Max8 14T...
  2. B

    Kraton Arrma Kraton EXB with hobbywing max8 mounting issues

    Hey guys I’m having issues mounting my Esc to the my kraton exb. Seems that the roll bar gets in the way of connecting the motor to esc when using the mount that it comes with. I feel like moving it and just using double sided tape won’t hold up well. Any suggestions ? Pictures would be great
  3. Outcast


  4. BashingBrian

    Max8 cap pack fitting..

    So after reading on here various things about the Max8 needing the extra cap pack, I decided to fit the one that came supplied for safety's sake.. As always forgive my bad photos ? I wanted to get the wires as low as possible and also as short as possible, tried for a factory finished look so...
  5. Lazy Bushman

    Hobbywing Max8 Upgrade?

    Guys, I have an opportunity to pick up a Max8 at a good price (effectively $116 in USD which is pretty good here). I haven't had any plans to upgrade the stock electronics in my V3 Kraton but no doubt at some point I will want more power. So my question is, is the Max8 a good upgrade from the...
  6. Lufkin25

    Kraton v3 rebuild

    Just got started on rebuilding my kraton v3. I've had it for a few months now and have maybe 15 packs through it. I have learned a lot about these cars and made a lot of mistakes along the way. Hoping that some information or a picture I post will be able to help someone else with their build or...
  7. Lufkin25

    Max6 vs Max8 vs Hobbywing quicrun wp 150a esc

    Honest, I looked and did not see a thread like this posted here. If there is, please let me know. I am fairly new to all of this and still learning, so bare with me please. I see a lot of people talking about the max8 esc and before that the max6 was all the talk. But I have also seen videos and...
  8. slick2500

    Hobbywing Max8 V3 4274 2200kv Combo with program card

    Just saw this on Banggood in case any of you 1/8 guys are looking for a different power plant. Use this coupon for 8% off...
  9. Slogrits

    Max6 vs. max8

    Does the max6 fit in the Kraton? With hobbystar 4096 motor is there a benefit of the max6 or is the max8 doing the same job? Please post pictures.
  10. Alexschuster18

    Kraton Max 8 bricked after 5 min run

    Bought a max 8 2200kv combo, because the old BLX 185 did not put out enough power. After I made the swap the truck had double the power of the 185 and I was really impressed, but after 12-15 min the truck stopped moving the motor was about 150 degrees F and the esc cooling fins were 110 degrees...
  11. Alexschuster18

    Kraton Max 8 or MMX 2200kv combo

    Im really torn between the two combos, price is not really to big of an issue but like most i don't want to waste my money on a brand name. I have the castle program card and have had some of their combos before sct and MM, but mow with hobby wing seeming to be everyone choice i would like some...
  12. J

    Kraton Swapping BLX185 with EZRUN MAX8

    Hi Is there any advantage with swapping the BLX185 with EZRUN Max8? I can get one quite cheap! Thanks
  13. B

    Which RC should I install HobbyWing Max8?

    Ok, So I have a used Kraton with the BLX185, a new Outcast with BLX185 and a used Senton with the dreaded BLX180 in it. I picked up the Senton knowing right away that I was going to replace the motor and esc. Here is my current conundrum, I just ordered a HobbyWing Max8 combo. Now, do I replace...
  14. Stitch

    New Motor Leopard 4282

    After the Big Rock's combo was not working anymore. I don't know what exactly fried esc or motor. I went for the Leopard 4282 with a Hobbywing Max 8. This combo is awesome, extremely smooth and powerful. It is a great improvement and doing backflips is much easier to control. The motor stays...
  15. Kratonage

    Castle mamba 2 or hobbywing max8

    Which would you install in your 1/8 rig, the Castle Mamba 2 or Hobbywing Max8 ESC?