1. JLspeeddragon

    Arkansas Central Arkansas Bashers

    LFM Bashers in the Central Arkansas Region.. SLR, Bryant, Benton, Haskell.. I live in Benton and FB groups not as communicative as our Forums here.. So thought I would reach out! I'm roll'n a Custom Talion 4-6S Truggy Racer, WIP Associated RC8B3.2e Arrma Hybrid Typhon EXB Basher, then will be...
  2. Frumba57

    Kraton The need for speed

    I recently talked my buddy into buying a K6S, it wasn’t hard. His BLX and my EXB. My roller has the O8S power train, 1250kv and 160A ESC. A little taller gears and the EXB is faster and runs cooler than the 2050kv RTR. But during our BASH session I blew two tires and stripped the diffs...
  3. Lennart

    castle 1717 1650kv vs TP 4070cm?

    I need some help choosing the better motor for castle mmx8s ESC. I want to build a 1/7 track car. Weight is probably like 5.4kg, geared to 70-80mph on 8s. Pricing for either combo would be identical here in Germany (420€). 1) TP motor with 1800kv or 2200kv, weight 650 grams, 75000rpm. So the TP...
  4. Ready to rip some Ovals this weekend w/ the #ARRMA #Infraction #v2 💪💪💪

    Ready to rip some Ovals this weekend w/ the #ARRMA #Infraction #v2 💪💪💪

  5. H

    Typhon Need help picking out typhon! 3s or 6s

    My local racetrack limits batteries to only 2s batteries. I like the 6S for all of its upgrades but don't know if I can run 2s. Looking for some advice on what the best decision I should do.
  6. T

    New Typhon 6S V5 - race upgrades

    Hey all, new Typhon owner here. I am going to try my hand at racing her instead of getting a different car. I am going to race off road clay and was wondering what are some things I should do to get her ready for the track. I currently have 2 3s Spektrum 5000mAh batteries. Nothing else...
  7. Got my ARRMA #3s #Typhon all tuned for the track tomorrow 💪

    Got my ARRMA #3s #Typhon all tuned for the track tomorrow 💪

  8. Uplift-RC

    Florida Grand opening for Team Armored Racing Complex in New Port Richey, FL

  9. B

    Mojave Need help! Racing, upgrades, mods.

    So me and a few others decided to get into racing and we are building a dirt track this spring. Some with experience many years ago and some of us never raced these cars but anyway I just ordered the mojave 6s and was looking for upgrade options I want the must have upgrades and then I want to...
  10. ARRMA v2 Infractions / Speed Racing

    ARRMA v2 Infractions / Speed Racing

    Saturdayfunday Oval Track speed racing w/ two v2 ARRMA Infractions with @jkflow and I.
  11. My street tires came in for my v3 #KRATON #BLX 6s

    My street tires came in for my v3 #KRATON #BLX 6s

    #HPI #Racing #PHALTLINES street tires! Superb quality and Excellent handling
  12. Sledgehog

    Maine Maximus RC Indoor turf track York, Maine

    Maximus RC is located in York, Maine. Indoor turf track, wed and sat race night, trophy events, and a 24/7 monthly track pass available. Track also uses LiveRC so you can watch live events or past results as well...
  13. Sledgehog

    New Hampshire Hillside raceway, Epping NH

    HIllside raceway is a great spring/summer season track that is also now opening an indoor facility as well. Outdoor track has a dirt oval, 1/10 and HUGE 1/8 scale track and the new indoor facility will have a 1/10 carpet track with lots of elevation elements. If you're in the NH or MA area, come...
  14. Sledgehog

    Talion Racing specific upgrades?

    Just curious as to any track specific upgrades I may need for my new Talion in the future. It's a 2018 v3 and so far I have the Voltage aluminum front/rear chassis braces and servo mount/clamps, an SMC 4s 100C battery (class reqs are 4s) ,and some Tbone racing rear mudguards. Besides better...
  15. Nitr0EngiEx

    Kraton VIDEO: Racing the Kraton on the Track

    Hey guys, I am working on a new Youtube Channel and made a video about racing the Kraton at Lake Park, Force Series by Jconcepts and DDHRC Please check it out if you interested in racing the Kraton, also any likes, and subscribers will help my channel grow. Thanks!
  16. R

    Typhon Can the typhon be used in roar 4wD buggy racing?

    As the subject states. Does Typhon meet the rules for 1/8th electric buggy and if so what is involved if its possible to convert an outcast to a Typhon? Son wants to try racing and I'm trying to do it economically for him 1/8th Electric Buggy The 1/8th Electric Buggy class is for...
  17. N

    Talion Talion V3 or Kraton V3 for racing on grass/tarmac

    Hi, I am about to buy my first real RC and I can’t decide between the Talion V3 and Kraton V3. Basically my friend has bought a HPI Trophy Truggy Flux and I want something that can keep up and preferably thrash him on all surfaces we ride on. We will probably ride around grass parks...