1. 9

    Kraton fix servo saver weak with oil shim

    I saw many people fix by using snap ring but i think my solution is better. I use oil shim size m12x18x1 use socket wrench no13 for remove good work without scratched or damage :)
  2. SaltyLocal

    Big Rock Shim kit Big Rock AND K6s

    Anyone happen to know of a good metal shim kit, as well as a nylon washer kit (to help with steering slop) to cover all needs for both the Big Rock and 6s Kraton? Is there such a kit? I swear reading a post or watching a video from @razorrc recommending one but I can’t find it.
  3. I

    Typhon shim missing on V5 diff?

    hi, why theres no shim on the V5 typhon but there is one on the TLR? the input gear itself is the same ..
  4. Warby

    Kraton Wheel bearing shim part number?

    I've searched the forum a bit but can't find an answer. Whats the Arrma part number for the shims between the outer wheel bearing and the hex hub? The Arrma parts diagrams don't show a shim but its definitely got them. I've just replace the bearings but 1 or 2 shims short. For my V3 6s Kraton...
  5. Le-Mill

    Outcast Do you shim the pinion in your diff

    After i have shim the diff with two 13/16 shim The pinnon gear still very loose, i tried to put two 8x12x.2 and the fit is perfect and after 1 pack i reopen my diff and the shim is completely trash ?
  6. smkd13

    Front diff goes Kaboom

    Yep blew up a front diff yesterday. Stripped two teeth off a planetary and shattered a sun gear. Yep need to get a shim kit. It is rebuilt now but I think the main reason for the break age is power on landing
  7. bricoletout

    How to shim your diff (with pictures)

    Hi, here is a tutorial about how I shimmed my diffs. It could be differents for yours. I hope it is clear enough, my english is not perfect. There is also the french translation...
  8. Gloggen

    Shimming diffs - how tight?

    How tight do you shim your diffs? When I shim one of my diffs I can either use one shim less than in Thomas P:s fantastic video about bulletproof diffs making it feel smooth like butter when turning the outdrives (is that the correct term?), OR I can use the exact same amount as Thomas, and I...
  9. arrmatyphon

    Typhon Shimming update

    After 6 months of driving the typhon with the max 8 combo and badlands tyres on 6s same set of tyres still nothing shimmed Ive had np at all with anything not even the tyres
  10. Jigstick

    Kraton Help me shim with Mugen E0206 shim set

    Is there any alternative to the Mugen E0206 shim set? dam things are sold out everywhere. There has to be another option to shim these diffs. Im trying to order everything I need to so when I pick up my Kraton I can be rocking and rolling. I found my diff fluids, wheels, tires. I just need...
  11. Swift518

    Searching for shims

    Has anyone found the Mugen shim kit in stock lately? Or any advice on another kit that works well for diff shims?
  12. arrmaracing

    Kraton Shimming Kraton center diff

    Hi guys, Just shimmed my center diff and looked at TP center diff video. I noticed he didnt put extra the extra two shims on the spider gears and nor did he put shims on bearing shaft cup. I replaced the stock shims with the four mugen e0206 spider shims and two planetary shims for the other...
  13. cordell12

    Kraton Added shims to center diff - Tight to turn now

    So most have seen my blown up diff in the "What did you do to your Kraton today" thread. Well I am shimming my replacement diff this evening. I followed a YouTube video, 1 big shim behind each planetary gear, then on the small gears one side has 1 and the other 2. This is for both the sets of...
  14. T

    Typhon New typhon shim help

    My new v2 typhon will be here Monday!! Anyway i want to shim the diffs before i bash on it. I've done my fair share of searching and gathering info on the process. I just need a specific part number for the correct shim kit. Please help. Thanks
  15. Adam6s

    Senton Diff shim parts??

    In the V3 Senton 6s is it necessary to do the diff shim upgrade and what exact parts or part numbers do I need to do the job. I thought I read something about Thundertiger??Thank you in advance for any help..
  16. Bash4Cash

    Kraton diffs stock play (shimming needed) and material: pressed" sinter metal or machined steel??

    Hi im new here and are awaiting my new kraton... My question is are the diffs (not the spider gears) made from sintered metal or are they machined from real steel??? And how good is the shimming or sayed better the play between the small and big gear on STOCK? Hope do get a answer on this...
  17. WoodiE

    How to shim your Arrma diff

    This is something we get asked a lot on the forums and nearly every single time the answer to those threads are to watch this video. So as suggested, I created a sticky thread for this very question. We can also use this thread to have a "one place to go" for this information. Also check out...
  18. Camo

    Outcast Out drive bearing shim !!

    Found a fair bit of play left and right with the diff in the rear gearbox case today. Does anyone know what size the shims are on the outdrive bearing that come stock on the rig I think I might need to double or triple them up. A link would be mad. Thanks Cheers !!!:)
  19. Kro

    F/R Diff washers?

    I just got done rebuilding/ changing all of my diff fuild on my Outcast. The rear diff only had three factory installed washers inside. When I opened the front diff I found five! Just curious if anyone else has a similar story. I did check 10x to make sure.
  20. Bigfella

    Kraton Diff shims: Be careful!

    I was putting shims in my project kraton diffs today. I put one larger shim under each planetary gear as is normal and they fit perfectly. The mugen shim kit also includes the smaller satellite gear shims. I had seen some YouTube videos of people adding one of the smaller shims behind one...