1. joshjosh

    Limitless Batwing Limitless

    duplicate, please delete
  2. joshjosh

    Limitless JoshJosh’s build - Mods and Batwings, and other 3D printed parts for Limitless

    I started this post in the welcome forum, thought I’d move it here. I’m making some progress on 3d parts. I have the front wheel aero infills, the back wheel aero infills with rear side skirts. Then of course, the piece I’ve been working on, the Batwing. I’ve since found that changing to a .6mm...
  3. Exc3l

    Typhon Typhon wing on Senton (part numbers)

    Hey guys, I been reading about wings on here and most of them talk about protection of the body and downforce! I was wondering If I could get all the part numbers for mounting a wing on my Senton (now converting to Typhon). Please don't reply with "check the exploded view" because I have, I just...
  4. Sediztik

    Granite Arrma Granite Wing options?

    Hey everyone, what wing can I order to work with the Arrma Granite??
  5. Pr1cetag

    Granite Not perfect but here’s how I mounted Granite wing

    By no means is this perfect but I’ve seen a few threads asking how to mount an Arrma 4s wing on a Granite 3s and have body rest in default position. Here’s how I did it post-wing install: purchased Typhon body mount set (AR320452), Body Post set(AR320453). I clipped the top of the mount (also...
  6. MTK4355

    Kraton Wing Alternatives

    I'm tired of breaking my wing mounts every time I do so much as turn the damned car on. They usually last 2 maybe 3 sessions before being so damaged I just pull the wing off. Stock or RPM doesn't matter...I have not yet tried TBR mounts yet but I bet I'll break those too. Really getting sick...
  7. Slicktmi

    Outcast Wing mounts

    So I've read there is great benefit to less broken wing mounts running the wing mount and wheelie bar alone without the actual wing is there any truth to it? And also would that put more stress on the shock tower or body itself? Let me know your guys thoughts and personal experience with this
  8. servalac

    Talion Talion V3 Low Profile Wing Mount

    Is there anyone who has a good fix/solution for the easily breakable wing mount on the Talion V3 ? Is there anyone who knows if RPM has plans on making a low profile wing mount ? T-Bone Racing ? I know they made some wing mounts but can't find it on their site. Snapped my wing mount after a...
  9. Swampshifter

    Outcast Hot Racing wing mount

    Hey guys, Just installed HR wing mount, looks awesome but should I try and fit the original wheelie rollers on it? I can file down the plastic bolt molds but am I wasting my time? Any help/recommendations would be cool. Thanks.
  10. Raji

    Outcast Wing mount options

    I broke my wing mount and I'm looking to the best option. What are you guys using RPM or T-bone?
  11. Slogrits

    Kraton Wing upgrades

    I have had my Kraton for a month and broke the original wing early on. RPM wing mount and added a wheelie bar and a new ARRMA Kraton wing. One run and I broke the new wing (tail landing). Is there a rubber wing or something more durable out there?
  12. D

    Front Splitter/Bumper Replacement?

    I'm in the process of turning my Talion into a top speed RC, but I have some concerns after taking a bit of a scary front-lift moment and the car nearly back-flipping at WOT. Sure, we have monster rear wings, but I see nearly zero information on something like a front splitter or canards to...
  13. Sully_

    Kraton Hot Racing Wing Mount

    Anybody use a hot racing wing mount? how often do you break your diff case having less play in the wing mount ? i just picked one up, hoping that i didn't make a bad purchase. Only after the fact did it dawn on me that it may put extra stress on the diff case.
  14. pcpguy

    Talion Talion rear wing weak

    The Talion rear wing seems kind of week. Just got mine Sunday and have the 4s and 6s LiPo batteries. 6s is CRAZY!
  15. neilattack

    Kraton Wing Mount Removal

    I'm wondering if there is a way to completely remove the entire wing mount from the Kraton. Although I've removed the wing itself, the rear chassis brace connects to the mount so the posts are still attached to the back. Is there a way to completely remove the mounts while still retaining a...
  16. Ole Fart51

    Outcast Will RPM wing mount fit Outcast?

    It looks to me that the outcast and Kraton have the same wing mount. Am I correct? My Outcast wing mount is twisted. Is the RPM mount better?
  17. Frank

    Outcast Wing fix?

    Drove my outcast on 6s today..absolutely thrilling!! Need to put it through its paces a bit more but gonna be a great basher. Unfortunately one of my wing screws popped out. Any fixes for this? Not the wing mount but one of the 2 screws that holds the wing on. Still have the screw, not broke...
  18. Trillium

    Typhon Shock mount screw sheared

    Hi as anyone got any experience getting a sheared screw of the the base of the shock? The one that holds the funny shock pin thing in place? Thanks
  19. Stockstinks

    Outcast Outcast wing/wheelie bar on Kraton

    I just bought a kraton and now I see the new Outcast . Will the wing/wheelie bar for the Outcast fit my kraton?
  20. Guidoune

    Talion Does the dex8t wing fit on an arrma talion ?

    Does the DEX8T wing fit on an Arrma Talion? Is it the same space between the two screw holes? Thanks!