Kraton Wing Alternatives

Does the spoiler (wing) have an aerodynamic function or is it only for looks?

  • Yes, it Definitely Does

  • No, Don't be Silly

  • I Don't Know!

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I'm tired of breaking my wing mounts every time I do so much as turn the damned car on.

They usually last 2 maybe 3 sessions before being so damaged I just pull the wing off.

Stock or RPM doesn't matter...I have not yet tried TBR mounts yet but I bet I'll break those too.

Really getting sick of replacing these's gotten to the point that I started leaving the wing off of the car. Honestly handles landing upside down better this way, flipping back to wheels down more often without the tail digging into the ground.

Has anybody else decided to forgo the spoiler? notice any long term ill effects? Find anything to replace it with that is more durable without looking terrible?
Ditch the wing and you won't break the wing mounts. Stick the Outcast wheelie bar on there. The wing doesn't really serve much of a purpose on a basher vehicle.
The wing is a functional part of you are getting up above 60mph, but for bashing it’s only function is to break on a bad landing instead of breaking something else, like a tower or something.
One thing you'll notice right away, is just how much the wing helps to protect that rear tower. I ran my Noto without one for a while, but in the end, bending or shearing towers right off the rear dif case, meant putting it back on and living with the idea that you replace them like wear and tear parts. Helps to land on the wheels all the time, but we all know how that goes.
The weight and its momentum of the heavier 6S and 8S rigs negates any down force the wing creates. It is there for protection and aesthetics.
But, Innovation RC removed the K8S wing to improve his speed runs approaching 80MPH. I can see at higher speeds there is some drag created. But who is really bashing at those speeds realistically speaking. The wing mount is integral to the shock tower and bulkhead. So that should not be removed. Removing the wing only and leaving the wheelie bar intact or adding that alone may be an advantage. IMO.
My Tekno MT410 has no wing. It does just fine like the Noto. Noto has a tiny wing though. I feel that the Arrma wings were not created with any calculated aerodynamic downforce. They are just Air Dams from a visual perspective. They catch air, but not enough to make any difference. A properly designed Car/Truck wing is an inverted airplane wing design that prevents lift, without drag.
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