Senton $328.99 New Senton!


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I just looked today at Tower Hobbies and they dropped the price on the Senton $30. With this price drop and the $71 off $399 that they have going on right now you can get a new Senton for $328.99. I was going to get one for my son's first rc car but he said that he wants a Kraton but thought I would let everybody know about the good deal going on. The $71 off $399 is only good for today and tomorrow though.
I picked one up. Don't know how people could buy the slash when you can get the senton for such a great price. Best Buy I've made!
Only thing is some people like the aftermarket support and that they can get parts anywhere. I would rather buy a better handling, faster, tougher machine out of the box from the start.....and for a decent amount less money as well until you add in the dual batteries.