Are you pre-ordering the Arrma Nero?

Are you going to pre-order the Arrma Nero monster truck?

  • Yes!

    Votes: 5 20.8%
  • No.

    Votes: 19 79.2%

  • Total voters
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The wait is over, the Arrma Nero has finally been announced and it looks pretty darn cool!

So tell us, who's going to pre-order the Arrma Nero monster truck?
Hell no...i can pick up a new kraton for 370 euros...the 2016 version is around 500 euros...then why would i buy this car for even 300 euros more?

If they made it a 1/6 scale i would buy it instantly...because i like a big truck like the xmaxx...i really hoped arrma made an xmax competitor..
I already own a kraton and i don't see why this car would be worth 800 euros (thats around 1000 dollars i believe) above a kraton.
Yes it has new techniques but i don't a rc hobbyist, my kraton is just as fast...i was looking for a big ass monstertruck like the xmax.
Because that truck has its problems i will wait for a second generation xmax...
Arrma already had a lot of different 1/8 scale cars so i don't see the benefit of bringing out another one...(the benefit for me i mean)

So nope...ill let this one pass...theres not much difference then my kraton...
Offcourse the technique is new and maybe the car is a bit tougher but that doesn't justify 800 euro...then ill wait for a bigger monstertruck...

I like a lamborghini, but for its appearence and speed, not for the technique behind it...
Not ready to move to 1/8 scale.
I need a plane or a NQD jet boat next.
Emphasis on "need"...
has a tvp chassis cool for the 1/8 and $700-$800 ($800 for the locking diffs) is VERY expensive but I can see it looks like a huge granite and kraton style with talion lights?
I will also wait for reviews about this new arrma rig
Before i can decide

Right now 55% no cause seems like its a complicated truck
45% cause i like the shocks like erevo and looks good so far
I think i will wait for some really serious reviews...and some tests... Too much hi-tech... But looks good...
Lets see...
But i'm already dying....for one toy of this.... jessessss....
Not for me, too expensive and complicated for an Arrma. Prove to me you can walk before you try to run.

The poll results so far are brutal!
IMHO, it looks great, and is priced about right considering the competition. However, it is not what I am looking for, so I am out.


What direct competition is this in line with price wise?
Just hijacking this thread a bit: where would you get a new one?
I have not seen one for sale for a decent price for over a year. I am looking for one too!
Been looking at eBay.
Caught the fever from RCSparks Studio on YT.
Been seeing them in the $100 range, but honestly have not looked to make sure it's new.