Typhon Arrma issues

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I got my Arrma Typhon on February 24th, I ran it less than a minute, and it stopped working. The car would not turn left or right. I send it in for repair to hobbico in Illinois for repair. I get it back yesterday and I'm so excited to finally run the car. I start to run it and it runs great! I went to reverse the car and it wouldn't reverse. I see options on the controller that I assume are for reverse but I am hesitant to mess with it. Could this be a controller issue? I sure hope I don't have to send it in for repairs again! Is there someway to get a hold of Arrma directly and not deal with hobbico? I think this is ridiculous I've had these issues with this product. Any suggestions? Tia

Hobbico and Arrma are the same place. Every time I try to contact Arrma by email the replies are always from Hobbico.net
Try programing the esc. It might be in forward and brake only no reverse. If need help will post factory esc programing
I got the reverse working, followed instruction book and I'm all good now. I have a question. What is the range of my car and transmitter? Tia
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