Kraton Composite Ball cup keep popping off


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Hello everybody, once again thanks for the great community of Arrma Lovers!! I did search for this threat but couldn't find any solution.

I have a Kraton EXB and its an awesome RC, no complaints about it.

A couple of weeks ago, after a good landing (I Believe), both ball tie end (image attached) of the rear-drive popped out of the ball at the same time. I managed to put it back on the field and after another small jump both came out again. :eek:

I replaced the plastic part with AR330230 - COMPOSITE BALL CUPS, when I go out to try it only took 1 wheelie to pop out again.
I don't know what could cause it and know to fix it in a proper way.
Now I will put a washer to prevent the popping out, but have anyone experienced something like that?

pop off.PNG

composite ball.PNG

sorry for my english.

If you want to see some bashing videos I have a couple of FPV / Bash videos.

Hoping someone can help me!

Cheers from Chile


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There is supposed to be a washer there to keep it from popping off. If the washer is missing it will most likely continue to pop off.


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Thanks a lot guys.
I will try with the washer and see if I don't have any problem at all.

Thanks again!